Public Health


The Department of Public Health was established in 2012 with only 10 students. At present, more than 250 new students are enrolled each year. There are two separate programs running, one at the weekend and the other in the evening. A large number of international students are enrolled in the program. More than 30 percent of the total number of students are from Africa for instance.

The MPH program of DIU has collaboration with many international institutions such as Birmingham City University in the UK and Duke University in the USA. It has now become a center for global public health education in South Asia.

At the inception of MPH program there were only 2 full time faculty members. At present the department has 6 full time faculty members, majority of whom have international exposure in the public health sector. Click MPH faculty members

The faculty members provide technical support to students to publish their research articles in national and international journals. The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences has its own journal. So, the students have the opportunity to publish their research articles in the FAHS Journal as well.

Since the establishment of the Department, 600 students have completed MPH degree.