Departmental FAQ


Pharmacy is the science and practice of discovering, producing, preparing, dispensing, andreviewing medications, aiming to ensure the safe, effective, and affordable use of medicines. Itis a miscellaneous science as it links health sciences with pharmaceutical sciences and naturalsciences. The study of pharmacy involves chemistry and pharmaceutics, among other specialisttopics. A pharmacist is a licensed healthcare professional who specializes in providinginformation about different medication and methods of treatment to patients.

DIU pharmacy has a reputation of standard research and quality education. DIU earned worldwide recognition in quality education and indexing. DIU has established laboratory facility and experienced faculty for completing B. Pharm. that's why I choose DIU pharmacy.

The demand for pharma graduates is high in sectors like - healthcare, research, pharmacovigilance etc. As a pharma graduate, you can take up job roles like- drugs inspector, drugs controller, hospital pharmacist etc. In pharmaceutical company various departments like Production, Quality Assurance (QA), Quality control (QC), Research and Development (RND), Training, Product Management Department (PMD), sales engaged pharmacists.

As the job sector for pharmacists is large, I can help myself get recruited in a renowned pharmaceutical company by having a B. Pharm degree in this esteemed university.My goal is to be a researcher in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. I came to learn that there is a huge opportunity for doing Ph.D in the university abroad.

We learnt the basic knowledge of various subjects previously. Those knowledges will be helpful for learning the courses offered in B.Pharm i.e. Chemistry for Pharmaceutical Sciences; Biology in Pharmacology, Microbiology, & Biochemistry; Physics in Physical Pharmacy; & Math in Pharmaceutics.

As pharmacy is a noble profession, I can serve the nation by doing my duty honestly. As apharmacist I will work in hospital or Pharmaceutical Industry. If I work with punctuality, honesty, thenpeople get their medicine on time. That will be my biggest contribution.