Research Projects


External Funds and Project Information

Project Title Funding Agency Duration Objective Outcome
Advanced ICT Skills Course Development and Delivery in the Commonwealth Countries Commonwealth of Learning (COL) November 2021-March 2023

1. Increase access to quality learning opportunities for livelihoods

2. Support learners with advanced ICT skills to access job opportunities

3. Connect skilled individuals to financial institutions to start their own enterprise 

Expected Outcomes:

1. Develop four open short courses on applied ICT Skills

2. Train a total of 400 learners among which 50% are female (initial year).

3. Link learners with job opportunities or support them to be self-employed

4. Counsel learners for employability and success 

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of steroids and PDE-5 inhibitors as chemical adulterants in herbal products available in Bangladesh Ministry of Science and Technology, GoB Year 2021 Development of insulin for oral route and research skill development for colleagues and students. Expected Outcome:Development of insulin for oral route and research skill development for colleagues and students.
Early Career Researcher Training Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) 3 Months Grant Proposal Writing  
Unmanned Aerial System-based Assessment of Tree Cover and Deforestation Dynamics in Bangladesh USAIDFunded by USFS, U.S.A. and National Academy of Science (NAS), U.S.A. Duration (15.01.2017 to31.12.2021) Devising and optimizing a fully-automated UAV-based image acquisition protocol compatible with generating comprehensive (gap-free), high-density, precisely geo-referenced point clouds representing forest canopies for areas centered on selected locations in the Sal and Sundarbans Forest types that host national forest inventory plots of the Bangladesh Forest Department (BFD). The project also will develop forest type-specific models of forest biomass and outline a framework for forest change detection and quantification based on periodic satellite imagery and incorporating UAV-derived information over selected areas.
Scientific exploration of Hyolipilic, Anti-obesity and anti-fatty liver like activity of common edible plants in Bangladesh  Ministry of Science and Technology, GoB Year 2021 Finding the anti-obesity and anti-fatty liver like activity of common edible plants  
Social stigma related to prevention and treatment of Covid-l9: A contemporary public health challenge  Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC) 6 Months


The purpose of this study is to identify direct and indirect social stigma associated with preparedness of post pandemic Covid -19 about discrimination, fear, acceptance and self-efficacy among community leaders, media personnel (both electronic & print) and healthcare providers at the community level. 


  • To determine socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents
  • To examine direct social stigma like the discrimination, misconception, fear, acceptance and self-esteem among the study subjects.
  • To identify indirect social stigma like unnecessary hospitalization, media rumor, stereotypes, hiding illness and discourage from adopting healthy behaviours.
  • To investigate the relationship between social stigma and psycho-behavioral related variables associated with it.
  • To find out if there is any association between smart social stigma and socio-demographic variables.
  • To assess the risk of social stigma and discrimination to change or prevent dangerous behaviours and attitudes.
Assessment of anti-diabetic effect through natural plant extracts  Ministry of Science and Technology, GoB Year 2021 To find out the roots of antidiabetic effect against in Alloxan induced type 2 diabetic Sprague Dawley rat.   
Oral delivery of insulin through lymphatic route bypassing portal vein (first pass metabolism in liver)  Ministry of Science and Technology, GoB Year 2021 Development of insulin for oral route. Also research skill development for colleagues and students.  
Ethiopian Energy Stakeholder Capacity Development on Energy Modelling for Policy Planning International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), USA Year 2019 This project emphasizes on the identification of participants to create a core energy modelling team from relevant organizations such as MOWIE, Ethiopian Electric Power Company, Ethiopian Electric Utility and its Universal Electricity Access Program, Ethiopian Electric Agency, the Power Africa initiative in Ethiopia, World Bank’s Ethiopia Electrification Program and academic institutions. During this project a good number of workshop/meeting/trainings will be arranged to develop an energy planning for the core team. The ultimate goal of the project is the identification of data gaps, data gathering and management for the TIMES (The Integrated MARKAL/EFOM System) model development for the electricity sector and co-development of a basic Ethiopia-TIMES model. Development of a data collection and management system for TIMES that includes the following key sectors: agriculture, households, industry, commercial, transport and others and development of a complete energy system. Work with the core team to develop alternative policy scenarios such as NDCs, energy efficiency/improve cookstoves, universal electrification, energy trading/export to the neighbouring countries and promotion of renewable energy technologies and develop at least one research paper and one policy note.  
Mobile Monitoring Station of Solar Home System (SHS)  The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Germany Year 2018 This project describes measurement and evaluation of three PV solar panels and an attempt has been taken to fix standardization for solar PV systems to accelerate implementation of efficient, sustainable and reliable solar electrification project in Bangladesh. DAAD provided some advance performance measurement meters and loggers that are capable for measuring system voltage, current, power, efficiency, and solar irradiance along with the other weather parameters. The research grant facilitated the purchase of the equipment for Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Daffodil International University (DIU). The project is located at Daffodil International University, administrative building rooftop, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dhaka is situated 23°42 North latitude and 90°24´ East longitudes means 12-13 hours/day sunshine is available in average. Three capacities with 45W, 60W, 100W DC solar PV systems and a 1 kW on-grid system have been installed on the roof of the university building for performance testing. All systems are oriented to the south with a tilt angle of 23°. This project has been emphasized on stand-alone systems for standardization that are mostly using for off-grid electrification in Bangladesh. It proposes a base study of solar energy potentiality precisely focusing on Dhaka division. This research activity facilitates to assess the technical and economic feasibility to get the efficient solar system as well as confirms the standard (proper or below standard) of the solar system. The energy generation by PV modules were measured with solar analyser, whereas the solar irradiation was captured by radiation sensor mounted with the analyser. The data of the real-time power were displayed and stored in the equipment. All the experimental data were measured and recorded for whole day throughout the year.  
Support for Clean Energy Scale Up and Investment in Bangladesh  National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA and United States Agency for International Development (USAID), USA Year 2019 As part of the USAID-NREL Bangladesh second phase work, NREL will build on the results of the wind resource assessment completed in June 2018 and continue to provide technical support to the GOB to meet development goals and renewable energy targets, promote public and private sector investment, in clean energy and strengthen the capacity of relevant GOB officials and private sector stakeholders to facilitate data driven decision making  
Experimental study on the treatment of pressure urinary incontinence by USPIO - labeled adipose stem cell membrane desomeric suspension injection Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, China 2019 Treatment of pressure urinary incontinence by USPIO - labeled adipose stem cell membrane desomeric suspension injection Ongoing
Development and standardization of processes for value added beet roots products commercialization Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information & Statistics (BANBEIS), Ministry of Education, GoB 36 Months

i. Beet roots availability in Bangladesh assessed;

ii. Proximate composition of the locally cultivated beet roots analyzed;

iii. Different products (jam, jelly, preserves, pickles, candies, chips, dehydrated beet roots, colorants , functional beverages etc. ) from the beet roots developed;

iv. Composition and shelf-life of the products assessed;

v. Sensory evaluation (taste panel evaluation) of the developed products conducted.

DIU - Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) through Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) and IQU, UGC. World Bank Year: 2015 Institutional Quality Assurance Project Completion Report (PCR) has been submitted successfully to QAU, UGC Bangladesh.
International Science program (ISP) Uppsala University, Sweden Year: 2015 ISP aims at assisting developing countries to strengthen their domestic research capacity On-going
International Science program (ISP) Uppsala University, Sweden Year: 2014 ISP aims at assisting developing countries to strengthen their domestic research capacity International Networking
DCCP Fund under processing DCCP Year: 2014 To be used on evolution of life style for Bangladeshi population On-going
International Association of Universities (IAU) LEADHER Grant 2014 Leadership for Higher Education Reform (LEADHER) Year: 2014 To develop research capacity and publish a book on use of Social Media at Tertiary Level education On-going
ICCIT Conference 2014 IEEE Year: 2014 It is dedicated to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Communications and Information Technology Researchers from around the world could demonstrated their projects
Backyard Cattle Fattening, under Biological Science Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of People's  Republic of Bangladesh , Sl-160/bs290 Year: 2013-2014 To develop life science for social outcome Research under Nutrition and Food Engineering Dept.
International Science program (ISP) Uppsala University, Sweden Year: 2013 ISP aims at assisting developing countries to strengthen their domestic research capacity International Networking
Programming Contest Cloud Computing, USA
Dr. Nobel Das
Year: 2013 To develop programming skill Every year DIU organizes this event with great student enthusiasm, feedback & outcome
Fund from Center for Global Change (CGC) CGC Year:2013   To identify reasons and aware people about Global Change. Session with CGC and key people of DIU is already organized and session with DIU students will be organized very soon
BBC Janala Project BBC Media Action Year: 2013 To engage students in English for all project. Already 36 students are selected to proceed the project and they will be trained on 1st week of April 2014
Fund from Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Year: 2013 For awareness building among student on civic learning and civic engagement.  300 students and faculty attended workshops of DIU and other Universities.
Fund for the development of Research and Higher Education, Uppsala University, Sweden International Programming Chemical Sciences (IPCS), Uppsala University, Sweden Year: 2013 Fund for the development of Research and Higher Education Equipment bought & Research fellow are working.
International Conference on Tertiary Education: Reality and Challenges, Jan 19 – 21, 2013.   British Council, UK Year: 2012-13 To act as a forum for tertiary education teachers across the world to support collective growth. Development of Learner-Centered Teaching practices, Collaboration with developing countries in terms of educational research and teaching-learning practices & Way forward for tertiary education in Bangladesh.
ICPC IBM Year: 2012 It is a two-tier contest in the first of which teams from different universities participate in regional contests and the winners of these contest qualify for the World Finals To develop skill of promising competitors in the area of programming
Fund from DIU-BFF Project Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF) Year: 2012 To promote Science Education 100 trained DIU students have already worked in their hometown schools and colleges through organizing motivational workshops to promote science education and students from Department of Journalism and Mass Communication are trained on how to report on Science related matters
International Association of Universities (IAU) LEADHER Grant Leadership for Higher Education Reform (LEADHER) Year: 2012 To develop students to do PhD. One student has joined USM as PhD candidate and two students have joined OUM as PhD candidates.
World Hypertension workshop World Health Organization (WHO) Year: 2012 To increase awareness among the patients of CVD Workshop and seminar had been arranged to awareness building on CVD
KOHA, e-resources Library Year: 2011-12 To enrich library  management with e-resources DIU library has successful launched and is maintaining this Library Software
Fund for Integrated Library System (ILS) using KOHA & MARC 21.  International Network for Availability of Scientific Publication (INASP), UK Year: 2011   For Implementing an Integrated Library System (ILS) for DIU library. Library management system of DIU has been implemented.
Fund for Workshop "On e-resources" for DIU teachers & students International Network for Availability of Scientific Publication (INASP), UK Year:2011  To arrange workshop "On e-resources" for DIU teachers & students.  210 students and faculty members of DIU Attended the Workshop
UNICEF Fund for IT sector and software training. UNICEF Year: 2010 To develop IT sector and implement software. Training provided to IT staffs of DIU and software implemented.