Lab Facility


Information Science and Library Management

Assigned Person Details

Mr. Md. Dulal Uddin

Library Officer


Lab Location

Daffodil International University Library , (AB-4) 4th Floor Daffodil Smart City, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka.

Short Description

We have a well-equipped ISLM Lab under the Department of Information Science and Library Management. An information center to provide hands-on experience in library management, cataloging, and digital content. Students learn classification using the Dewey Decimal scheme and utilize Koha and OPAC for cataloging. Collaboration spaces encourage teamwork and knowledge sharing. Overall, the facilities prepare students for real-world challenges in library science.


Library and Information Center: Some universities have specialized libraries and information centers that serve as labs for students. These facilities provide practical experience in library management, cataloging, classification, reference services, and user interaction.

Digital Libraries Lab: A dedicated lab focused on digital libraries and digital content management may be available. In this lab, students can learn about digitization, metadata creation, preservation, and the management of digital resources.

Organization of knowledge: 
Cataloging : Koha and Opac 

Classification :  
1. Dewey Decimal Classification scheme
2. Shares list of subject heading :  
The Sears List of Subject Headings (popularly called the Sears List) is a known tool for assigning standardized subject headings to all types of documents in a general small libraries having upto 20,000 titles in all subjects.

Collaboration Spaces: Collaboration spaces are designed to facilitate teamwork and group projects. These spaces may have interactive whiteboards, multimedia capabilities, and comfortable seating to encourage brainstorming and knowledge sharing.