Our Visitors

I am agreed and deeply inspired by what I have seen in Daffodil University. I congratulate the board and especially it’s Chairman Mr. Md. Sabur Khan for their mission and determination to build such a magnificent University in Bangladesh. The locality of the campus, the qualification of the faculty and the enthusiasm of the large and diverse student group community testify to the fact that DIU is a very successful educational institution in the country. I am confident that DIU will play a very important role in building the future of this beloved country.
To the board; I say , Keep up your vision and the country will remember you all with gratitude.
To the faculty; I say, you have a most sacred task in your head to build the future leader of Bangladesh. I am confident that in your highly experienced care our country will definitely get leaders and expertise who will help to build the Shonar Bangla.
To our beloved students; I say, you are in the most beautiful, productive and creative phase of you life. you are in one of the largest educational institution in the country - DIU. You are also cityzen of a country that is showing the world how to overcome any difficulties and march forward. You are a citizen of the 21st century world. Gain all this factors, you must work very hard to make a better future for the 160 million people of Bangladesh.
Finally to Mr. Sabur Khan Chairman of the board; I Say, BRAVO. What a significant management you have built in service of Knowledge. Congratulation.

Mr. Mahfuz Anam