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The department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)  since its inception has been continuously fostering academic excellence through industry academy collaboration especially integrating industry demands of ICT skills in the core curriculum of the CSE program.

Recent Events

Life at Daffodil is very much eventful. Through a lot of meaningful and impactful events students get the opportunity to develop their skills and portfolio beyond the curriculam

15 Mar 2021

International Phygital Education Summit-2021

The International Phygital Education Summit - iPES 2021 is a landmark

22 Sep 2020

Hackathon for Combating Coronavirus

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17 Nov 2020

ICT Carnival

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Fees Payment Schedule for Fall-2021 semester's Final Examination ( TRI-Semester)

Computer Science and Engineering
Tuition Fee
Dec 04, 2021



Fees Payment Schedule of Fall'2021 Final Examination ( Tri semester)

Accounts Section
Tuition Fee
Dec 04, 2021



Notice to the Graduating Students of 9th Convocation

Computer Science and Engineering
Nov 28, 2021

Our Alumni Our Pride

Our Alumni are our pride as they are engaged in building the world through national and International contributions