Development Studies

Career Prospects

In today’s world, development issues are more pressing in nature than they were in any other time. Each and every government of developing as well as underdeveloped countries is dealing with problems related to development endeavors. To eradicate poverty, to ensure better health and to build an effective education system, these governments need people who are well acquainted with the social, economic and political situations of developing and underdeveloped countries. A Master’s Degree in Development Studies will help a student to become well-prepared for working in the public sector. Moreover, MDS Degree offered by the Department of Development Studies of Daffodil International University has plenty of leadership components its curricula. As a result, MDS Degree holders will be able to establish themselves as leading entrepreneurs in the private sector. In recent times - local, national and international NGOs are becoming the strongest and highly sustainable stakeholders in the global development arena. A Master’s Degree in Development Studies will enable a person to possess effective knowledge on project management, research methodology and development culture which in turn will make that person suitable for attractive positions in the local, national and international NGOs. Last but not the least, MDS degree holders will be able to establish themselves as trained and nurtured academicians who can live up to demands of the international standard.