Development Studies

Message from Head

Warm greetings from the Department of Development Studies, Daffodil International University.

The world is now going through the third great wave of industrial revolution and it has become more interconnected than ever before in the history of humankind. Our relentless pursuit for development is the very essence of such revolutionary progress yet many countries are still lagging behind & struggling on their journey towards development. Development Studies, as an academic discipline, was born out of necessity to identify and offer solutions to these challenges. It is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary branch of social science which offers a rigorous melting pot of the economic, political and social dimensions of development policy, processes and practices. Bangladesh, with its diverse first-hand experience in the process of development, can be considered a goldmine for research in this discipline.

The Master in Development Studies program at DIU is carefully crafted in such a way that can cater to the needs of both native & foreign students. The courses taught in this program have been customized to offer analytical frameworks for critical analysis and superior cross-cultural understanding of the major themes of development, e.g. the intellectual history of development, as well as the paradigm shifts and contemporary debates in the discipline. Teachers of this Department follow student-centric, sophisticated participatory-oriented approaches while delivering the course contents. A deliberate attempt has been made to replace unnecessary jargon with plain English so that students can easily understand the complexities of the geopolitical, economic, social, ethical, and cultural contexts in which development takes place.

A Master’s in Development Studies equips students with practical professional skills which can be applied to address critical contemporary challenges, such as the poverty, corruption, poor governance, inequity, lack of human rights and social injustice faced by developing countries all over the world. Thus, it offers opportunities to build diverse and rewarding career paths in local and international development agencies e.g. United Nations, along with cutting-edge policy research in government agencies, non-profit private organizations, NGOs, policy and advocacy groups, civil society organizations, and so on.

I welcome you aboard to be a part of this exciting journey towards exploring & unfolding the mysteries of development with love, passion & joy!


Md. Fouad Hossain Sarker
Associate Professor and Head
Department of Development Studies