Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Program Objectives

PEOs are long term objectives to be achieved by graduates within 3 to 5 years upon their graduation which are set realizing the needs and requirements of employer and Society. The EEE–DIU graduates are expected to accomplish the following PEOs:

PEO 01: DIU-EEE graduates will have employment in academia, industry, government organizations and will become entrepreneurs in diverse fields based on the broad education the program provides.

PEO 02: DIU-EEE graduates will apply engineering skills, exhibiting critical thinking in professional engineering practices or tackle social, technical and business challenges.

PEO 03: DIU-EEE graduates will solve Electrical and Electronic Engineering design problems, keeping up high ethical standard and considering plan criteria, reasonable imperatives, monetary, natural and social effect of these designs.

PEO 04: DIU-EEE graduates will possess intellectual curiosity and know how to continue to learn to become competent in EEE that meets contemporary and future needs.