Alumni Detail

When I was an undergraduate student, my intention was to work in the practical field rather than in academic field. I completed BSS (Hons.) and MSS from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Daffodil International University and achieved Vice Chancellor's Gold Medal Award- 2016, (6th Convocation, DIU). During my study at DIU, I got the Korean Govt. Scholarship Program (KGSP), first ever, from DIU at Dongseo University, South Korea as an exchange student. DIU is the place where I have rediscovered myself and the environment and DIU's attitude to the students' priority took me back who was once in a study gap and almost a dropout student. But as my teachers were always supporting me to be a better student, it helped me to get the scholarship and then my life changed during the period of staying abroad.

I was studying in another discipline at another university and I decided to shift my study discipline to Journalism and Mass Communication as, in the meantime, I was working at the media industry. The environment and my teachers' guidelines not only brought me back as a student but made me what I am today.

I would like to tell not only the future students but also to the students who are dropped out from other universities, DIU can make the change and we always welcome who is suffering from academic and future professional confusions. It is not just another university to us, we call it our home.

Aftab Hossain
Lecturer (Senior Scale),
Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication
Daffodil International University