Tourism & Hospitality Management


Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The department of Tourism and Hospitality Management offers 4-year Honors Program Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The semester system will be followed in this program. There will be 2 (two) semesters a year. Each semester will be of 6 (six) months duration.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management is to provide training, skill development and education needed to prepare individuals for effective job performance in the hospitality, tourism and entertainment industries.

Vision Statement:
We aspire to be the center of excellence in the field of Tourism and Hospitality education by understanding the integration of tourism with the hospitality industry according to the national policies and plans, keeping in line with the trends of the world in a sustainable manner.


  • To analyze the investment trends and hospitality development patterns of international hospitality firms. 
  • To identify emerging overseas markets for tourism and hospitality development.
  • To understand the socio-economic impact of developing tourism industry in developing countries.
  • To understand the management functions of tourism and hospitality industry including human resource management, financial management, marketing and technology applications.
  • To Identify potential career opportunities of our students through internship programs and on education training.


  • The care for your country could be your career.
  • Be a contributor to the beauty of Bangladesh.