Software Engineering

Industry Academia Collaboration


MoU Signing Ceremony with piCredo Software Limited

It is agreed that the piCedo Software Limited will:

  1. Provide training on “Mobile Application, Web Application, Artificial Intelligence and Business Automation” program for the students of Daffodil International University
  2. Offer paid/unpaid internships for another party if credible students are found.
  3. Students will get an opportunity to work (in the form of paid/unpaid internship) with Industry during internship.
  4. Conduct Seminar, consultancy for the students of Daffodil International University
  5. Revenue sharing option with college/University management is possible.
  6. Offer Job with proper procedure (interview) if credible students are found.

And the Daffodil International University will:

  1. Host webinars and on-site introductory lectures for piCedo Software Limited.
  2. Forward suitable students for internships.
  3. Provide quality students for recruitment purposes.

MoU Signing Ceremony with CUBICS Lab at The University of Massachusetts Lowell

Joint research projects and publications, including work by undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students at the partner institutions;

  1. Joint data science projects on big education data analytics, big healthcare data analytics, Smartphone melanoma image data analytics;
  2. Joint engagement of students on hardware-software co-development, two sites of data collection, joint data science training, and resource sharing for learning
  3. Jointly publish high quality international peer reviewed conference and journal papers
  4. Reciprocal placement of students, when possible;
  5. Joint conferences and workshops;
  6. Visits by faculty, professional staff, and students.

MoU Signing Ceremony with Aachol Foundation

Above parties are agreed to the following points:

  1. Aachol Foundation and SWE, DIU will conduct surveys on various concepts and at least 1-2 surveys per year.
  2. SWE, DIU will provide research knowledge, build questionnaires and Aachol Foundation will collect data and share the data with the society.
  3. SWE, DIU will be supervising all those surveys conducted by Aachol Foundation if needed.
  4. SWE, DIU will provide man-power to Aachol foundation and questionnaires if needed. Here considering two aspects as for the research background SWE, DIU may study and provide theoretical knowledge and for the medical evaluation Aachol may justify the questionnaires with the help of a doctor.
  5. SWE, DIU will be organising webinars/seminars and Aachol will conduct those .
  6. Aachol Foundation and SWE, DIU will provide online certificates to the participants of the webinars together.
  7. Aachol Foundation will be forming a wing in SWE, DIU
  8. Aachol Foundation and SWE, DIU may develop some mental health products such as depression calculator, anxiety scale, suicide tendency caluculator, personality measurement / check scale etc.
  9. Aachol Foundation will set up a mental health support centre in SWE, DIU.
  10. There will be research articles, surveys conducted by both and the both parties will have the copyright of those. For each publication the total number of author names could be equal, such as if the total authors in a paper are 4, 2 will be from SWE, DIU and 2 will be from Aachol. If the total number is odd, like 5, 2 will be from SWE, DIU and 2 will be from Aachol, and another one will be from any institution depending on the contribution. But in those papers 4-5 or more people may work together.
  11. This MOU will be running for next 2 years and shall become effective upon signature by the authorized officials from Aachol Foundation and SWE, DIU. It will remain in effect since (.....) until modified or terminated by any one of the partners by mutual consent.
  12. Which party will pay for the publication and how much will be paid will be decided through discussion later.

MoU Signing Ceremony with Fordham University, NY, USA

A new R&D research project named “Classroom Activity Evaluation” will be conducted by collaboratively between FAIR Lab and SWE. In this project,

  1. Special CCTV live classrooms activity data might be analysed automatically with the help of Computer vision, deep learning, artificial intelligence technology etc.
  2. FAIR Lab might be collaborated with the analysing instruments like remote high performance computers, remote high performing graphical processing unit (GPU), remote in-house cluster GPU etc.
  3. Technological and advisories support might be collaborated from the FAIR Lab for this R&D project purposes.
  4. Research Publication(s) of this proposed R&D project might be published in high impact journals and publications cost might be collaborated by FAIR Lab.
  5. Preliminary video data might be collected from SWE, DIU CCTV classroom. If CCTV is not installed or properly functional then CCTV might be installed in the classroom by taking proper authority approval.
  6. Several students of SWE, DIU are expected to work on this project as Research Associate. These students will write their Undergraduate/M.Sc. theses based on different sub-problems related to this project and they may be jointly supervised by faculty members from both the organizations.
  7. Publications from the project will include students and faculty members from both the organizations as authors in accordance with their respective contributions to the project.
  8. Research outcome of the “Classroom Activity Evaluation” project might use in business purpose if necessary by agreeing all terms and condition of the both collaborators.

MoU Signing Ceremony with Secure Link Services Group (SELISE)

It is agreed that Secure Link Services Bangladesh Limited will:

  1. Conduct seminar on “Industry Experience / personal experience Sharing” for the students of Daffodil International University entitled as “Industry Experience with SELISE”
  2. Offer unpaid internships to 1-10 students or more for each six months for the credible students in their third or fourth year of undergraduate study in Software Engineering.
  3. Students will get the opportunity to work with Industry data during internship.
  4. Offer Job with proper procedure (interview) if credible students are found after completing the internship.
And Daffodil University will:
  1. Host Secure Link Services Bangladesh Limited webinars and on-site introductory lectures as a form of seminar.
  2. Offer as many students as possible to each slot of internship.