Textile Engineering

Textile Engineering

M.Sc. in Textile Engineering (TE)


1. Programs:

Master of Science in Textile Engineering Abbreviated as M.Sc. Engg. (TexE)
Master of Engineering in Textile Engineering Abbreviated as M. Engg. (TexE)

2. Degree Requirements:

Name of the program
Theory Credits Thesis/ Project Credits Total Credits
M.Sc. Engg. (TexE) 18 18 36
M. Engg. (TexE) 30 6 36

3. Objectives of the programs:

  • To produce skilled manpower and to satisfy the growing demands of the textile engineering experts in home and abroad.
  1. To develop intellectual growth of the students.
  2. To develop competence necessary for research, teaching and industrial man power in the field of Textile Engineering.

4. Eligibility for Admission in M.Sc. Engg. & M. Engg. in TexE

  • An applicant must have obtained a B.Sc. Engg. degree in Textile Engineering from any recognized institution.
  • The applicant must have obtained at least 50% marks or a minimum of GPA of 2.5 in a scale of 4.0 in B.Sc.in Textile Engineering.
  • The applicant must have obtained a minimum GPA of 3.5 in a scale of 5.0 or first division or equivalent in any of SSC and HSC or in equivalent examinations and must not have a GPA less than 2.5 in the scale of 5.0 or a 3rd division or equivalent in any of the above examinations.

For admission, applicants are primarily evaluated on their academic records in relevant coursework at undergraduate level. Before being finally selected for admission, a candidate may be required to appear at an oral/ and or written test. Every registered student shall get himself/ herself enrolled on payment of prescribed fees and other dues as per the University rules before the commencement of a semester. All course registration must be completed within two weeks from the start of the semester. Late registration after due date may only be accepted for thesis/ project for a fee of Tk.1000 upon a written appeal to the Registrar through the Head, Textile Engineering explaining the problems.
5. Courses & Credits structure of M.Sc. Engg. &M.Engg. in TexE:

Course code

Name of Courses


Course M.Sc. Engg. M.Engg.


Advanced Yarn Manufacturing 3




Advanced Fabric Manufacturing 3


Advanced Wet Processing 3


Advanced Apparel Manufacturing 3


Textile Testing and Quality Control 3


Computer Programming & Its Applications 3








Textile Materials Engineering 3


Manufacturing of Dyes & Pigments 3


Global Textile Investment & Trade 3


Apparel Merchandising 3


Textile Management & Entrepreneurship 3


Costing, Project Formulation and Appraisal 3


Environmental Mgt. in Textile & Allied Industries 3


Apparel Wash & Finishing 3


Specialized and Technical Textiles 3


Man Made Fibers 3



Thesis (M. Sc. Engg.)


Project (M. Engg.)



36 36

Note:  *1Six (6) courses should be taken.
*2 Ten (10) courses should be taken.
6. Grading Policy
UGC approved grading system for courses shall be used and the system is described below:

Marks Obtained
(Out of 100)
Letter Grade Merit description Grade point
80% and above A+ (Plus) Outstanding 4.00
75% to less than 80% A (Regular) Excellent 3.75
70% to less than 75% A- (Minus) Very Good 3.50
65% to less than 70% B+ (Plus) Good 3.25
60% to less than 65% B (Regular) Satisfactory 3.00
55% to less than 60% B- (Minus) Above Average 2.75
50% to less than 55% C+ (Plus) Average 2.50
45% to less than 50% C (Regular) Below Average 2.25
40% to less than 45% D Pass 2.00
Less than 40% F Fail 0.00

7. Semester Schedule:
The university runs the programs in two semesters in a year i.e. Spring: From January to June and Fall: From July to December.
8. Qualifying Requirements:
In order to get the degree a student must earn a minimum overall CGPA of 2.75 on the scale of 4.00. Maximum two C grades may be omitted for calculation of GPA. Students may improve their grade points by repeating two courses. A student obtaining F grade in a course will be allowed to repeat the course. But a student shall not be allowed if he/she obtains a total of three or more F grades in one or more than one course(s) taken together, during the period of his/her studies. If at the end of the second or any subsequent semester, the cumulative GPA falls below 2.5, he/she shall not be allowed to continue in the program. A student must complete all the requirements for the degree within six consecutive semesters from the date of first admission.