Public Health

Recommended Electives

Total 20 credits elective courses

Prerequisite: core courses. 

Student will choose 10 courses from at least 3 of the following concentration areas.

Course Code Course Title   Credit Hour
Methods for Research on Social and Behavioral Dimensions of Public Health
MPH611 Principle of Biostatistics Group A 2
MPH612 Frequency Distribution, Measurement of Central tendency, Dispersion 2
MPH613 Probability, Sampling, Sampling Error 2
MPH614 Regression Analysis, Test of Significance, Statistical Inference 2
Epidemiology in Public Health Practice
MPH642 Principle of Epidemiology Group B 2
MPH643 Measurements in Epidemiology 2
MPH644 Epidemiological designs 2
MPH645 Nutritional Epidemiology 2
MPH646 Cancer Epidemiology 2
Environmental Health sciences
MPH631 Introduction to environment and ecosystem Group C 2
MPH632 Management of Physical Environment 2
MPH633 Recent environment health issues 2
MPH634 Occupational health hazards and occupational health safety 2
Public Health Management
MPH652 Principle of Management Group D 2
MPH654 Public health and hospital management 2
MPH655 Public Health Ethics and Legislation 2
MPH656 Communication in Health System and in hospitals 2
MPH657 Community Health and Primary Health Care 2
MPH658 Health leadership: role and responsibilities 2
Behavioral sciences and Health Communication
MPH661 Introduction to Behavioral Sciences and its importance in Public Health Group E 2
MPH662 Medical anthropology and belief model 2
MPH663 Illness behavior 2
MPH664 Theory of communication and level of communication 2
MPH665 Motivation and behavioral change 2
MPH666 Doctor –patient relationship and breaking bad news 2
Reproductive and Child health including family Planning
MPH671 Concept of Reproductive and Child Health Group F 2
MPH672 Emergency obstetric care delivery system 2
MPH673 Safe motherhood initiative and component 2
MPH674 Gender issue in Reproductive Health 2
MPH675 Violence against women and its prevention 2
MPH676 Growth of child, child’s nutrition 2
MPH677 Child abuse and prevention 2
MPH678 Population control and use of contraceptives 2
MPH679 Infertility 2
Public Health Nutrition
MPH681 Fundamental Biochemistry Group G 2
MPH682 Nutrition problem in Bangladesh 2
MPH683 Nutritional Diseases and its prevention 2
MPH684 Assessment of nutritional status 2
MPH685 Food safety and hygiene 2
Control of communicable and non communicable diseases
MPH648 Pulmonary TB, malaria, dengue and diarrhea control Group H 2
MPH649 Control of CVD, DM, Road Traffic accidents, Drug abuse 2
  Students are also expected to enroll in 4 major courses.   9
Total 20

The following courses are obligatory courses for all MPH students:

Course Code Course Title Credit
MPH 888 Dissertation (guided research design, data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation) 10
MPH855 Practicum or Internship (with Health agency posting or home agency) 3
Total 13
Total Credit for MPH 52