Nutrition and Food Engineering

Industrial Linkage

To make positive Bangladesh, Nutrition and Food Engineering department has stated with a mission of master communication with different institutions such as food processing industries, research institution, government and non government sectors for bonding of appellate students under the academic program.

Due to fruitful recourses of NFE department, we have a linkage with the following food industries:

  • Igloo Foods Limited.
  • Prome Agro Foods Ltd.
  • AST Beverage Ltd.
  • AHZ Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • PRAN Foods Ltd.
  • Masafi Biscuits Ltd.
  • Diamond Agro Foods Ltd.
  • Ispahani Foods Ltd.
  • Crazy Foods and Beverage Ltd.
  • GME Agro Business Ltd.
  • Prince Food and Beverage Ltd.
  • Shejan Food and Beverage Ltd.
  • Olympic Biscuits Ltd.
  • Rani Foods Ltd.