Nutrition and Food Engineering

Program Objective

The objectives of Nutrition and Food Engineering are:

  1. To equip  the student employability in the food  sector of Bangladesh and abroad
  2. To expose the participants to the basic essentials of food Engineering & preservation so that they become capable of independently handling food processing units.
  3. To make them understand the nutritional aspects by health developments of proper, which may help, inoculate the scientific view regarding dietary habits for population.
  4. To enable the participants to keep themselves at least of recent changes in Food engineering & management.
  5. To appreciate the management & marketing perspective of food processing industry.
  6.  To create necessary awareness regarding the factors affecting food processing & preservation.
  7. To meet qualified nutrition expert is very important, as the students appreciate nutrition & its relation to health.
  8. To be able to list good sources of major nutrients to enumerate basic food groups & contribution of each group for planning a balanced diet.
  9. To be able to state environmental pollutants.
  10. To be able to recognize early symptoms of common diseases.