Nutrition and Food Engineering

Message from Head

We all have the dream to establish a world with peace and prosperity. Establishment of a harmonious society we definitely need a hunger free world with safe and secured food for all. Ensuring a healthy diet with the exact amount of micro and macronutrients could help us to lead a hale and hearty life. It definitely will help us to ensure the second and third Goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the help of the goal 6. A group of trained nutritionists and food engineers with sound knowledge and sincere dedication is indispensable to inaugurate and retain those facilities for all the citizens of Bangladesh.

Honesty, integrity, appropriate skill set and sincerity are the most important criteria to build up a nation utilizing the power of hard work. These criteria can help the humanity in need with a bunch of enthusiastic youths, who will solve the problems associated with food post-harvest and packaging to ensure safe food from farm to fork. They will generate a workable collaboration with the responsible local and international agencies to ensure safe and adulteration free food ingredients. The proper handling of the foods with these expert members definitely will ensure the effective flow of nutritional requirements irrespective
of income group.

The true motivation of the government to ensure safe food could be attributed from the recent changes in food policy, establishment of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) and implementation of the food laws. We are definitely making a remarkable advancement while the responsibility should be shared by all stakeholders. The Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering of the Daffodil International University believe that we are also an important stakeholder to achieve the fantastic goals of BFSA by generating world class graduates majoring in Nutrition and Food Engineering. In that retrospect, a
bunch of well-trained faculties from Bangladesh, India, Korea, Japan, USA and other countries are working hard to insert the proper imagination power to the enthusiastic youths of Bangladesh, Somalia, Nigeria and other countries through the B. Sc. Engineering degree in Nutrition and Food.

We are eagerly waiting to rebuild your dream, reshape your path, reconnect to your inner peace and believe in your future plans. Come and explore the department and the opportunities associated with the Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering of the Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Country needs your expertise to be a perfect “Sonar Bangla” and World needs your thoughts to make it free from hunger. Therefore, come forward and equip yourself with the best set of skills to fight against poverty and unemployment through the power of an entrepreneur, by the grace of
Almighty Creator.



Dr. Nizam Uddin

Associate Professor and Head (In-Charge)

Daffodil Smart City, Birulia, Savar, Dhaka

Cell:  01715862406, 01847334935

IP Number: 34100