Nutrition and Food Engineering

Departmental FAQ

Being a researcher, a continuous process, largely depends on your interest and patience. Graduating from the Department of NFE will open the prospect of your research career in myriad directions that includes but not limited to, Nutraceuticals, Food Development and analysis, Chemical Synthesis, Food Biotechnology, Nutritional Genomics and so on. Our well trained faculties will guide you to achieve your goals which definitely include this very special goal.

Ethical marketing refers to the process by which companies market their goods and services by focusing not only on how their products benefit customers, but also how they benefit socially responsible or environmental causes. Practicing ethics in marketing means deliberately applying standards of fairness, or moral rights and wrongs, to marketing decision making, behavior, and practice in the organization. Those organizations that develop a competitive advantage are able to satisfy the needs of both customers and the organization.

Marketing is a priority for the success of any business, from small-scale, independent farms to multinational food manufacturers. Food marketing takes many forms and can involve building relationships with customers, raising brand awareness, developing new products, promoting them through advertising, and even paying grocery stores for prominent shelf space, all with the goal of promoting sales. For better and for worse, food marketing may have a powerful effect on what people eat—and ultimately their health.

Scientists, Dietary Supplement Industries, and Pharmaceutical companies are already working on diversified prospective sectors of Nutraceuticals. Food companies could also be contenders. Their marketing and product development expertise is top shelf, and they have excellent distribution systems.

Nutrition-related problems in the food, pharmaceutical and natural health product industries. Focus on the contribution of dietary intake to the growth and maintenance of biological functions. Understand how nutrients, phytochemicals, toxins and food processing products affect the body.

The NFE curriculum includes courses such as Human Nutrition, human physiology, dietetics and clinical nutrition which helps build a strong base of knowledge that can be used in management of patients, in outpatients at clinics, and mainly inpatients in hospitals through appropriate diet modification. During the final semester, students interested in this sector are sent for placement at the dietetics department of various hospitals to help receive on-field training in medical nutrition therapy. Through proper learning, an NFE graduate has the potential to be well equipped with expertise in combating pressing health conditions of our society such as malnutrition and various metabolic and stress related diseases.

The B.Sc. degree in Nutrition and Food Engineering covers the full educational spectrum of nutrition, food science, food engineering and food technology with a focus on principal four themes: introduction of innovative food products, food processing, food quality plus safety, and nutrition. It is a cutting edge discipline which utilize the expertise from chemistry, biology, physical sciences and engineering. The department using this knowledge to study the nature of foods, the principles underlying food processing, the causes of their deterioration, their nutritional composition and health benefits.

Daffodil International University is one of the leading private Universities of Bangladesh offering B.Sc. in Nutrition and Food Engineering since 2009. In our B.Sc. program, we offer various courses of specialization, which covers both the field of nutrition and food engineering. Most of our faculties have educational background from abroad and also have industrial experiences in Bakery, Beverage, Frozen Food, R&D, Nutritional Assessments and Quality control.

NFE in DIU has over 12 years of experience in running the programme and has established partnerships with local and multinational food companies, shown through their support in terms of job placement and research collaboration. Our successes of this programme could be visible by the achievements of our alumni who are now in the main workforce in national and international platform. For more evaluation, students are encouraged to look at the curriculum offered by different Universities and the Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering of DIU.

Graduates can look forward to specialized operational and managerial careers in food product development, processing, quality assurance and food safety regulation in the food industry or manufacturing companies as well as a nutritionist, dietitian and health specialist in the NGO and public or government sectors.

Specific roles related to NFE may include but not limited to the Food Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Food Product Developer, Food Manufacturing Engineer, Food Process Engineer, Food Analytical Chemist, Food Regulatory Specialist, Microbiologist, Sensory Specialist, Safety Specialist, Packaging Specialist, Supply Chain Management, Technical Sales and Marketing, Dietitian, Nutrition Advisor, Health Specialist, Project/Product Management, Food Researcher, Teacher, Journalist, cold chain management specialist and so on. Most of these jobs are in demand and provided in food and allied industries, government and non-government organizations and in education. Moreover, you can also start your own food business which will be supported by the Daffodil Business Incubator of the Daffodil International University.

  1. Collect your account clearance by paying the registration fees/Admission fees in the Accounts Section.
  2. Submit the filled up StudentInsurance Form (given during the admission) and the account clearanceto the Coordination Officer of the Department Office.
  3. When the registration is done by the department Office, you have to check the student portal to confirm your registration.


  1. Clear your previous dues
  2. Contact with Registrar Office/Exam Office for resolving of blocked result.

Submit an application (describing the reason) to the Registrar through Head and Dean. A draft transcript need to be attached with the application.

Students may apply to the Dean through Head of the departmentdescribing the name and credits of courses to be taken.

Please follow the instructions of re-admission given in the notice board and contact to the department office.

Please follow the instructions given in the notice board and contact to the department office for further help.

Student of previous syllabus can do registration with previous syllabus with an application to the Head of the department.

  1. Write an application (describing specific reason) to the Dean through Head of the Department within 2 weeks of the last date of registration.
  2. If Head and Dean approve, then you need to submit the copy of the approval to the Registrar Office for final approval.
  3. One week later you need to check the student portal and/or contact the department office to confirm the semester drop.

In case of specific reason, if you could not pay your registration fees and did not complete the registration, then you must drop the semester in the student portal.

After the registration, you may be able to Change/Add/Drop any course within 7 days after the last date of the registration. Contact your batch coordinator.

  1. Collect your account clearance by paying the registration fees in the Accounts Section.
  2. Submit it (keep a photocopy) to the batch coordinator in your department. He/she will complete your course registration as per the rule.
  3. After the completion, you have to check the student portal to confirm the completion of course registration.

Clear your previous dues and contact with Registrar Office/Exam Office for removal of block result.

Students those who got “Grade B” or less may apply for improvement as per the deadline of department. Please see the departmental notice board or online notice board.

The minimum CGPA is 2.50 to get your degree certificate.

Minimum of 60% of the classes you must attend.

You can attend the improvement exam without fee in case of overlapping of exams.

  1. To collect draft transcript only before completion of all courses, you need to pay Tk.50/- to Accounts Section.
  2. Go to the exam section and fill out the application form for draft transcript.
  3. Collect your transcript when it is ready.

Browse DIU website to find the option of ‘Virtual University’. Click &enter your ID in the Academic Result box.When you press enter, your results will be displayed.

Contact your Head of the Department who will assign your supervisor for internship & thesis.

  1. Collect the Form of improvement exam from the department office and fill up the Form.
  2. Pay required fees for improvement exam in the accounts section and get the clearance.
  3. Then you submit the form to the department office. The department office will send the form to the relevant teacher.

The student has to pay 40% of the course fees to attend the mid-term improvement exam and 60% of the course fees for the finalexam improvement.

Pay your instalment (fees) and collect your exam clearance/admit card showing the money receipt from the Accounts Section. You need to preserve the exam clearance/admit card for sitting the exam.

You have to pay TK. 50 to Accounts section or pay through online. Write your father’s and mother’s name backside of the money receipt.Then submit an application to Head of the Department. Attach the money receipt along with the application within 2 working days.

You have to pay TK. 50 through online. Apply through student portal. 

For any query, pls mail at:

Pay your required fees to the DIU accounts section or pay through online. Apply through student portal. 

After the completion of all required credits for the degree, you will be allowed for provisional certificate until the subsequent convocation ceremony.

  1. You must complete all courses to start internship while maintaining at least CGPA of 2.50.
  2. Collect internship form from the department office. Fill up the form and get the required signatures.
  3. Pay fees and take Accounts clearance
  4. Submit the form to department office together with clearance receipt.

First download the classroom apps from the google play store. Install the app to your mobile. Login by providing your g-mail ID and password.

Contact to the office of the Director of Finance and Accounts
Cell No: +8801847334799,  Email:

Yes, you can meet with your teacher during the counseling hours.

Login to student portal and click “payment” option for student payment ledger and payment scheme.

Login to student portal and update your profile. After that, fill the teaching evaluation form and submit it.

Visit the following link of DIU website


Please contact International Affairs Office

Please contact International Affairs Office

You have to complete at least 4 semesterssuccessfully with SGPA 2.5 and payment should be clear up to the last semester.

Contact department office.

Contact department office.

Collect the Department Change Form from Registrar Office. Fill-up and collect sign from respective Deans and Heads.Clear all dues and submit the form to Registrar Office for approval.

Call for Applications for different scholarship opportunities are regularly posted in the Notice Board and social media Pages of DIU International Affairs. See the regular updates and check your student e-mail. Contact with the officials of the office of the DIU International Affairs for further information and clarifications.

Come to the department office and contact with coordination officer for booking class room.

You have already paid the registration fees in the beginning of the semester.  Now, multiply the no of credits you have registered in current semester with per credit tuition fees for your program. The result is the total amount you have to pay in two equal parts in the time of mid-term and final exams respectively. 

You can also askthe respective officers of the Account Section and/or you can check the Ledger inthe Students’ Portal.

The date of payment will be notified through online notice board and through the mail.

You can get your scholarship/waiver information from the Registrar Office.

At first, you have to go to the Police Station to do a General Dairy (GD). Submit the photocopy of the GD to the Admission Section. The Admission Section will give you the further instructions.

You can find your class routine in the departmental notice board, online notice board and in your email.

The detailed information regarding the reset option of student portal password is given in the notice board of the department. Please follow the instructions.

You need to pay Tk20/- to Account section and fill-up the register book from the department office for specific problem.Department office will send an e-mail to IT section to solve the problem and then inform you the solution.

You can get your email ID and password from the online notice board and the departmental notice board.

Yes we do. Please visit this link for details:

New students can enjoy our offered waiver like result based, need based, relationship quota, freedom fighter quota, tribal quota, disablity quota & talent hunt scholarship

Result with 4.50 (for Social Science),4.71 (for Business), 4.80 (for all faculty) for male & 4.00 for female in HSC can get a waiver.

One students is eligible to get waiver maximum in one category. If eligible for more than one then highest provided.

We offer waiver on the basis of HSC (or equivalent) result. Students having result with 4.50 (for Social Science),4.71 (for Business), 4.80 (for all faculty) for male & 4.00 for female in HSC can get a waiver.

75% and student must maintain semester result 3.50 

50% and student must maintain semester result 3.25

35% and student must maintain semester result 3.25

25% and student must maintain semester result 3.00

Yes, faculty wise DIU provides different waiver schemes for below GPA 5.00 in HSC . for details please visit the link:

Yes. We offer Need Based Waiver for those students who get into an unfortunate financial crisis. Such Student can apply for financial aid from second semester through online. See the link.

Yes same parental sibling get waiver. Each will get 20% tution fees waiver and students have to maintain semester result 3.00

Yes we offer 20% waiver for Spouse. Couple has to fill a prescribed waiver form with marriage certificate during their admission

Tribal students of Bandarban, Khagrachari, Rangamti will get 15% tuition fees waiver and students have to maintain semester result 3.00

Yes. Physically challeged student will get 25% tuition fees waiver and  students have to maintain semester result 3.00

Yes we do. Students can enjoy 10%-50% tuition fees waiver based on their semester result.

Students having 3.80-4.00 for FBE,FSIT,FE faculty will get 10%-50% and 3.60-4.00 for FHSS faculty will get 10%-50% tuition fees waiver.

Students can not get waiver more than one category. But those without having any kind of waiver can apply for financial aid with prescribed form.


No you don't have to fill form in every semester. It will generate automatically.

Please contact to the duty officer of Admission office and Registrar office.

You have to wait till it's update by the accounts section. If it's not updated within a semester then contact with duty officer of accounts section.

DIU offers 20% tuition fees waiver for the students of Daffodil International College.They will get 30 % tuition fees waiver for their improved result in HSC than SSC examination.

Students who are not financially very sound may apply for TFW by applying in a prescribed Financial Aid Form and undergo an interview with the waiver/scholarship committee. The committee may grant 10-30% TFW case by case depending on the financial crisis of the students.

Yes. DIU employees or their first blood relatives will get 50% tuition fee exemption. They will have to maintain a GPA 3.00. No restriction will be imposed in taking courses on the employees of DIU. The waiver will be effective only if the employee gained one year working experience from DIU otherwise the waiver will not be enjoyable. DIU employees must serve at DIU at least for 2 years after completion of degree. Otherwise they have to return half of the benefit received while quitting the service. The employee will have to submit a Letter of Commitment in Stamp Paper in this regard.

The students who are already enjoying waiver benefits in any category should not apply for further waiver benefits. The students who are already enjoying waiver benefits in any category should not apply for further waiver benefit.

In case of transferred students from one program to another, to retain the received waiver benefit students have to fill a Form again after changing their Program.

Waiver benefit is applicable only for tuition fee and not applicable for Admission fee, Semester fee, Library fee, Lab fee, Extra Curricular activities fee, Improvement, Retake, Project/ Dissertation/Internship etc.

10% tuition fee exemption will be given for DIU Alumni or their first blood relatives and for enjoying the benefit they will have to maintain a GPA 3.00.

Yes. The national player will get Full free scholarship, Premier division players will avail 90% and First division player will avail 80% tuition fee waiver (from any back ground or event) excluding other fees until special consideration or recommendation and students have to maintain semester result 2.50

The Alumnus of DIPTI (BM) college will get 15% tuition fee waiver if pre BBA/HSC result is less then SSC result and 25% tuition fee waiver if pre BBA/HSC result is better then HSC result.

4 years Diploma alumunus of Daffodil Polytechnic Institute (DPI) will get 20% tuition fees waiver and have to maintain semester result 3.00

Please find out the reason for decline and try to apply again with improved result.

Waiver will be approved within the semester final exam.

Students need to submit waiver form before registration to be approved in time.

You can seek considereation of authority and can apply again after overcoming your lackings

All the alumunus of  Bangladesh Skill Development Intitute (BSDI) will get 20% tuition fees waiver and have to maintain semester result 3.00

No. Credit trasferred students can not get any waiver facilities.

No. There is no waiver facilities on diploma result but they can get waiver on their SGPA.

Students must have to apply for through online financial aid form on following link by paying of Tk.102/- only


a) Student completing minimum 1st semester with minimum SGPA 3.00 and not enjoying any waiver  and facing financial  crisis are eligible for financial aid; b) Considering low cost  programs, need based waiver may not be offered to the students (Honors), BA. (Honors) in English, Evening programs and other similar programs (except  for Freedom Fighter quota)

Your waiver be stopped only for current semester.  But if you achieve the required SGPA  with required credits in current semester, Your waiver will be continued  for next  semester automatically 

This category of waiver implemented automatically by the system with approval of concern personnel. Though you face any problem  in paying of tuition fees, you can  contact in Accounts section or Registrar Office

You can enjoy the category in which percentage of waiver is the highest. You cannot enjoy waiver on more than one category

If you maintained SGPA 3.00/required SGPA with minimum 12 credits on last registered semester,  your waiver will be continued automatically after Registration 

If below 12 credit offered by the Department and others conditions are OK then the waiver of students(s) will be continued 

sibling/spouse quota waiver will be discontinued  on completion of Degree/Internship of one of sibling/spouse. In case of completion of degree of one sibling/spouse, other sibling/spouse may apply for Alumni quota waiver with proper documents. For details please see the link


 Financial aid  is applicable only on tuition fees of  current and upcoming semester (s)

DIU provides waiver on player quota. For details please visit the link


Female quota waiver is only applicable for female students of day programs except Diploma holders

In case of transferred students from one campus to another, to retain the received waiver benefit students have to apply again after changing their campus.

Yes, Credit transferred students are only eligible to enjoy waiver on SGPA.

Yes, DIU Initiated two insurance policies to support students. 1. Student life insurance and 2. Guardian Life insurance