Mr. Nazrul Islam Helali

Challenge in family or professional life is always uncertain but the motive of overcoming and taking responsibility is a matter of pride… When Covid-19 has recklessly broken the chain of human life and activities, Mr. Helali, proud alumni of DIU has started facing the same trouble of sustainability of his business and human resource management.

Though it was tough but he successfully overcome his all challenges and balanced the chain of his business as usual applying some strategies as follows.

1. Shifted Business Operation in Business Automation
2. Prioritized Demandable Products & Productions
3. Directly Monitor the chain among Employees-Customers-Suppliers
4. Instant Problem Solving
5. Everyday Meeting with the Business Leaders and Apply New Strategies
6. 100% Cash Sales
7. 100% Free Medical Treatment and Support the Employees
8. Listen the all Employees and Work as Team

He has empowered his business in different sectors as follows:
1. IT Business
2. Electronics Business
3. Electric Business
4. Home Appliances Business
5. Security and Solution

Accordingly, he has created a good number of own brands like, Circle, Sky View, Lion Vision, A.Tech, Bloom, Trust Print, Real Print, Seen, Gigitech and Sun View

Besides own brand, he also imports some international brand like Hik Vision, HP, LB Link and Philips.

Daffodil has about 1000+ Startup and successful entrepreneurs who are contributing to the national economy through their business. All members of DIU Alumni Association feel proud of Mr. Nazrul Islam Helali, Chairman, Golden Trade International BD for his great role of his business in such Covid-19 and all others DIU Alumni Entrepreneurs….