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International Exchange Programs bring benefits to students by providing them with opportunities to have international exposure, to acquaint with new cultures and global educational standards. Such activities are important components of overall development of a student giving them awareness and help adopt alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning. With changing global economic conditions, international exchange programs are becoming practicable and effective increasing prospects of learning and gaining international experiences.

The international students’ exchange policy of Daffodil International University (DIU) includes Outbound and Inbound Exchange Programs. In addition, faculty exchange policy is alsoconsidered.


Under outbound program of Daffodil International University, students will spend one or more semesters up to 3 in an international educational university/ institute. The program may also be for a short duration of one monthor even less than one month. Following rules will apply to students going abroad under outbound exchange program. 

2.1 The Students, who completed at least three semesters in Daffodil International University and obtained a minimum CGPA of 3.0,will be eligible for availing outbound exchange program.

2.2 For availing the above opportunity, the student must apply to the Director of International Affairs through the Head of the respective Departmentand the concerned Dean of the faculty. He (Director)will scrutinisethe applications and make a short list. He will then arrange for interview of the candidates through a board comprising of Dean of the faculty as Chairman andHeads of the concern departments, as members. The Director will work as a member secretary of the board.

2.3 The board will select candidates based on proficiencies in language, subject matter and other social skills.

2.4 The Director will forward the list of successful candidates to the Vice-Chancellor for the final approval.

2.5 Prior to availing outbound exchange program, the student must arrange for freezing his semester activity in Daffodil International University by submitting an application to Registrar through concerned Head of the Department. The process of freezing all formalities will be free from any charges by the student.

2.6 The duration and number of semesters to be frozen will depend on the period for which the student will spend abroad with the program.

2.7 The students availing outbound exchange program will bear travel, food, lodging and other incidental expenses. In this regard an undertaking will have to be signed between the sponsor/guardian of the student and Director, International Affairs.

2.8 Transfer of Credits for Outbound Exchange Program
2.8.1 Transfer of credits will only be applicablein Government (Ministry of Education or relevant organizations) universities/institution of that country. For transfer of credits, the student must apply to the Registrar. This will be applicable only for Undergraduate programs and equivalent course and for course completed with CGPA of minimum“B”. However, in any exceptional case the equivalence committee’s decision will be considered. For Transfer of credits, student must submit original transcripts and the prescribed syllables of the University concerned. Daffodil International University will acceptthe credits of only successful candidate within   the program (Short or Long).

Students will get additional benefit without paying any extra money in theform ofincentive/scholarship/waiver for course(s) completed but not matched with courses in DIU in their transcripts.


Foreign students willing to avail inbound exchange program in Daffodil International University for one or more semesters up to 3 must apply to the Director, International Affairs through the Director, International Affairs of his own University.The following policy will be applicable for inbound exchange program.

3.1  Inbound exchange program will be applicablein Government (Ministry of Education or relevant organizations) universities/institution of that country.

Candidates for availing this program must have obtained “B”or equivalent in their native University, Original transcripts and other relevant papers should accompany the application. The application should also contain a consent letter from his/her parent University. The student must be proficient in English language. After successful completion of course(s) in DIU, the student will be awarded an official transcript/ certificate for those course(s).

Registration, tuition, residential requirement and other fees will be charged as per existing rules of the University. However, tuition fee may be waived as per agreement between the two Universities.

In exceptional cases, students havingCGPA slightly less than B may be considered eligible for the program, provided the authorities of both countries agree.


Daffodil International University has already established academic linkages with top Universities of the world. This will strengthen academic staff exchange program of DIU. As a result DIU faculty members will have the exposure of modern and excellent teaching techniques and research potentials. This exchange program will primarily be guided by the terms and condition of the agreement between the two participating Universities. The polices for the program are:

4.1 For availing the above opportunity, permanent faculty members who have served the University for at list three years may apply through the Head of the Department and the Dean of faculty to the Director, International Affairs. Director will make necessary arrangement for approval of the University Vice-Chancellor.

4.2 Exchange program will have duration of a maximum period of one semester. However, in special cases, the duration may be extended for further period depending on the agreement between the two participating Universities. The participatory faculty member will enjoy monthly salary, allowances, benefits, bonus, provident fund etc from his own University. The incumbent faculty member will also receive allowances (air fare, daily allowances, living allowances, transport cost etc) as per the conditions of the exchange program.

4.3 The VISA and other paper processes linked to it with travelling to the foreign University will be managed centrally by the office of the Director, International Affairs.

The issues which are not covered above and may arise in future during the tenure of the exchange program will be decided by the authorities of the two Universities.

Professor Dr Md. Fokhray Hossain  Director International Affairs 
Dr. Mohammed Nadir Bin Ali     Registrar