Choosing a destination of higher education is an important and personal decision and there will undoubtedly be a great number of crucial factors to take into consideration. For example, you may have to think about the financial factors, academic atmosphere, quality of education etc. before you choose your university for higher studies. Another fundamental factor is the selection of the correct educational institution where you would feel comfortable to pursue your studies. If you were to choose to study abroad, where should you go? And finally, will the subject you aim to study be of any value when you return home?

Here at DIU, we pride ourselves in our reputation in offering an academic, social and cultural experience of the finest quality.

You can study for internationally recognized and respected qualifications to help you achieve your personal and career objectives. You can learn, and live, in Dhaka - one of the most exciting cities in the world.

You can choose from many practical and academic courses, in subjects that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Bangladesh is very rich in its culture and heritage; it has beautiful landscape with immensely exquisite natural beauty, fresh air, sea beach, hill tracks and lots more to explore. DIU is located in the Heart of the Dhaka City (Capital of Bangladesh). Daffodil International University provides an excellent environment for academic research study as well as mental recreation. DIU always welcomes students from all around the globe.

International students meeting equivalent admission qualification are eligible for admission as regular students or as special students for a part of the duration and may acquire transfer credits. In case of the latter, the recommended minimum duration of residence in the first and the second years is one semester. The University may enroll foreign students under an exchange program established between two universities.

Admission is also open to any person who wishes to pursue courses or a course as a non-degree student to improve knowledge or acquire new skills. Students are also admitted for specific certificate or diploma courses.