Corporate Social Responsibilities

  1. DIU BNCC platoon actively participated in Dengue awareness and cleanliness program
  2. DIU Organized a Rally on "Let Create Awareness and Prevent Dengue"
  3. International Art of Giving-2019
  4. DISS made monetary donations to two nonprofit organizations named
  5. Special donation for a special child during her sufferings on Dengue Fever
  6. Workshop on ‘Smart City Good City Our City’
  7. Dialogue on Rohingya Crisis Challenges and Way Forward
  8. Scholarship for Talha & Hands over Insurance Risk Coverage Cheque of Tk. 5 Lac
  9. DIU Organized the Workshop on Citizen Journalism
  10. Seminar on Anti Drug and Discussion Meeting
  11. Thalassaemia Prevention & Carrier Detection Campaign
  12. Seminar on Social Awareness and Ethical Development of Female Students
  13. Project “Ka” Spreading The Light of IT Knowledge to Each Corner of The Country
  14. Pragati Life Hands Over Insurance claim Cheque to DIU Employee
  15. DIU Students Promise at a Press Conference Our Parents Will Always Be With Us
  16. Higher Education for Autistic Person held at Daffodil International University
  17. Bangladesh Police and Daffodil International University jointly organized Discussion Meeting on Anti-Militancy
  18. Discussion on “Role of Young generation to prevent Drug Addiction Militancy”
  19. DIU Air Rover Scout Group Distributed Warm Clothes Among The Victims of Fire Incidents at Mohammadpur Slums
  20. DIU students formed human chain to raise the Voice for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  21. Green Transport Celebration and Tree Plantation held at Permanent Campus
  22. Publication Ceremony of the book “Dementia” held at Daffodil International University
  23. Daffodil Butterfly Fair-2015 held at Jahangirnagar University
  24. Ageing Support Forum Organized Youth Summit on Ageing-2015
  25. 2nd Jagadish Chandra Basu Science Camp concluded
  26. Learning session on “Road Safety & Social Engagement of Students”
  27. Daffodil International University staged a rehearsal on “Lakho Kanthe Sonar Bangla”
  28. Career Development Center (CDC) holds seminar on “Inspire 1 Million Boost Camp”
  29. Seminar on Health effect of climate change in Bangladesh held at Daffodil International University
  30. Discussion Session on Dementia Control & Prevention
  31. Seminar on Dementia prevention and control held at DIU
  32. Commemoration of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
  33. Publication Ceremony of “Hand Book of Entrepreneurship Development” held at DIU
  34. International Volunteer Day 2013 observed at Daffodil International University
  35. Seminar on Civic Learning Civic Engagement and Youth Empowerment
  36. Seminar on ‘Population Aging Across The World: Challenges, Opportunities and implications’
  37. Seminar on “Nipah Virus: A Threat to Human Health”
  38. Cleaning Festival held at Daffodil International University
  39. Seminar on Tobacco Control Act and Bangladesh
  40. Firefighting and Earthquake Training for DIU Officials
  41. Parents Talk on Our Parents Our Heroes
  42. Daffodil International University Donates dry Food and Usable items to Bangladesh Army for Sidr Affected People
  43. DIU Made Donation to The Caretaker Government for Flood Affected People
  44. International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade 2012 Observed at DIU
  45. Seminar on “Bangla-2- Braille Machine Translation: One Step towards Human Rights”
  46. IU EEE Club and Help Plus Jointly Distributed Blankets
  47. Winter Cloth Distribution
  48. Traffic Awareness and Road Safety by DIU Air Rover Scout
  49. Providing Peer Scholarship to Needy Students
  50. Employing Special people in our all Campuses
  51. Establishing Daffodil Agro complex to Spread Production Research and Extension of Different Kinds of Organic Fruits
  52. Organized and Financed ICT Carnival at DIU
  53. Are You the Next Startup program at DIU
  54. Developed Smartphone App: brimmEng
  55. Developed DIU Smart Students – A Mobile App
  56. Developed Online Discussion and Knowledge sharing Forum and Disseminating Knowledge in Whole World
  57. Research Publication on Dementia Related Problems and Prevention
  58. Establishing Expert Retired People's Association (ERPA)-Bangladesh
  59. Daffodil International University (DIU) Donated Computer to Greater Comilla Samity, Dhaka
  60. DIU Alumni Association & Human Hub organized Blood Donation Program at Daffodil International University
  61. Malaysian Crown Prince of Perils in Association with DIU Distributed Relief Among Rohingyas
  62. Effective Traffic Management in Bangladesh: A Catalyst for Inclusive Growth of The Country
  63. Daffodil International University (DIU) Donated PC to Samannita Jonokallyan Kendra (SJK)
  64. Dhaka Rickshaw Fiesta Week 2014
  65. DIU innovated and Launched Helicam/Quadcopter
  66. One Student One Laptop Project of DIU
  67. DIU Sponsored Professional Golfer of The Country
  68. DIU organized Human Chain Program Demanding Safe Road
  69. Workshop on ‘Smart City-Good City-Our City’ held at Daffodil International University
  70. Dialogue on ‘Rohingya Crisis: Challenges and Way Forward’ Held at Daffodil International University
  71. Publication Ceremony of The Book “Dementia” held at Daffodil International University
  72. Daffodil International University staged a Rehearsal on “Lakho Kanthe Sonar Bangla”
  73. Discussion Session on “Dementia Control & Prevention”
  74. Commemoration of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
  75. DIU EEE Club and Help Plus Jointly Distributed Blankets among The Winter Victims of Chapai Nobabgonj, Rajshahi on 26 & 27 December 2016
  76. Research Publication on Dementia Related Problems and Prevention
  77. The Khagan Bazar Road of Ashulia, Savar is Being Repaired by Self-financing of DIU in Association with Roads and Highways Division
  78. Help for Ayla Victims
  79. Daffodil International University Donated Computer in Bangladesh Thalassaemia Hospital as a Social Responsibility
  80. Daffodil International University Donated Computers for Disabled People
  81. Daffodil International University organized a seminar on Hepatitis- B & Cervical Cancer Vaccination
  82. Anti-Drug Campaign and Blood Donation Program
  83. Frost Cloths Distribution 2009 by DIU
  84. Employees of DIU contributed one day salary for the flood victims in 2007
  85. DIU Prothom Alo Bandhasova
  86. International Seminar on Mainstreaming CSR towards climate sustainability: imperatives for South Asia
  87. CSR campaign against corruption, drugs, women repression and acid throwing
  88. DIU handed over the Warm Clothes to the Chairman, Al Imran Foundation
  89. Help for Aila Victims
  90. Daffodil International University pay last tribute to Humayun Ahmed at Central Shahid Minar
  91. International Art of Giving Day-2018
  92. DIU handed over a Pickup Van to Dhaka Metropolitan Police as part of social responsibility
  93. Anti-Drugs HIV and AIDS campaign
  94. Discussion on National Mourning Day
  95. DISS (an Institute of DIU) and Action Aid Organized Psychographic Profile Making Session
  96. Establishment of Daffodil Institute of Social Sciences (DISS)
  97. Mass signature collection program on Anti-Tobacco Campaign-2011 jointly organized by DIU, UNIC and MRD
  98. Daffodil International University Donated BDT Fifty Thousand to
  99. Heart for Humanity by Daffodil Family
  100. Police box at Dhanmondi Rasel Squre done by Daffodil University
  101. Daffodil International University extended cooperation to Oitihya-Onneswan for Archeological research work