Shamima Nazreen Koli

Hi, I am Shamima Nazreen Koli, an entrepreneur by profession. If the story of an entrepreneur has to be told or exactly what has introduced me as an entrepreneur or exactly when I have introduced myself as an entrepreneur or if there was any desire to become an entrepreneur at all, if it is reviewed, the emotion of entrepreneurship was started while I was a University student. Beside my BBA in DIU, I started trading to Dhaka Stock Market but unfortunately, I also was a victim of the collapse of the stock market. I quit selling shares worth Tk. 14 lac for Tk. 3 lac.

Then I got employed in the administration of an insurance company in 2013 and later in a reputed bank. Hence I started having a baby, I again quit the job because I couldn’t manage maternity leave. In 2015, I felt the joy of motherhood but I couldn’t start a job further because of my health complications.

Thinking of my son and my health, I have decided to start an online business though it was not so easy and popular at that time. On 7th October, 2015, I first opened my virtual business in social media including a simple webpage building a team of 5 members. Initially, I started the journey with 12 Indian and 20 local Sarees-Dresses. After one month, I got an order inside Dhaka and then a few days later it was outside of Dhaka.

Initially it was so tough to achieve their trust about quality products. I have increased the orders giving the product return options if product quality doesn’t match as per online display. Now I have more than 500 regular customers who are giving orders over the online inside and outside of Bangladesh. I’m now shaping my business up over an e-commerce platform only for garments’ industry. Now I have a very good team for sales, marketing, supply-chain and product sourcing.

I am proud of myself. I have created my self-dependable position overcoming so many adversities. I am not saying that I am a most successful entrepreneur but yes in my small world, in this small boundary I consider myself successful. How many people I have seen to be enemies, moved away from the place of the nearest people and started thinking of me as a competitor! I got hurt, upset, broken down but never did stop.

The ups and downs of business have to be overcome with patience and prudence. Life is never easy; you have to make it easy. I am grateful and thanks to the great Rabbul Alamin, my father, mother, mother-in-law, my husband Shamim Sazzad, Rana Bhaia, Mitu, Moly Apu, Mahabbat, Dina Apu, my Aunts, Lincon Bhaia, Neeama, Sabrin, Shetu, Anika, Riyad, Sufian Bhaia, Ankita, Shawon, Asif Bhaiya, and countless others. And Special Thanks to all my Customers and well-wishers for being with clicknshop.