Sl. Date Photo Visitors
(Name with address)
01 14/02/2018 Dr. Janet Lowrie Nason I Just want to thank DIU for  gracious hospitality in hosting AUAP’s accreditation committee these last days. Everyone from Daffodil has been so kind and attentive to all of our needs. The DIU team have been wonderful.

I pray DIU will continue to expand and bless in this country, region and the world. 
02 28/01/2018 Md Sirajul Islam Sagor Production Intern H&M For me, this was the last Foundation Anniversary in my B.Sc. Life. And I must say, it was the best one.
For me, James was not the surprising one, the Editor of The Daily Star, Mahfuz Anam Sir was the surprising one who inspired me and I learned a lot of things from him.
For me, the biggest celebrity is Sabur Khan Sir, not any film star anymore.
For me, My University is the best University what people says is not the accreditation.
03 27/01/2018 Prof. Dr. Refik Polat
Karabuk University
Rektor, Turkey
Dear Daffodil Family
I am very much honoured to have been invited as guest of honor. We felt as if in our homeland. Thank you for your great hospitality. Hoping to welcome you in Karabuk University, Turkey. One of the members of Daffodil University.
04 27/01/2018 Mr. Mahfuz Anam
The Daily Star
I am agreed and deeply inspired by what I have seen in Daffodil University. I congratulate the board and especially it’s Chairman Mr. Md. Sabur Khan for their mission and determination to build such a magnificent University in Bangladesh. The locality of the campus, the qualification of the faculty and the enthusiasm of the large and diverse student group community testify to the fact that DIU is a very successful educational institution in the country. I am confident that DIU will play a very important role in building the future of this beloved country.
To the board; I say , Keep up your vision and the country will remember you all with gratitude.
To the faculty; I say, you have a most sacred task in your head to build the future leader of Bangladesh. I am confident that in your highly experienced care our country will definitely get leaders and expertise who will help to build the Shonar Bangla.
To our beloved students; I say, you are in the most beautiful, productive and creative phase of you life. you are in one of the largest educational institution in the country - DIU. You are also cityzen of a country that is showing the world how to overcome any difficulties and march forward. You are a citizen of the 21st century world. Gain all this factors, you must work very hard to make a better future for the 160 million people of Bangladesh.
Finally to Mr. Sabur Khan Chairman of the board; I Say, BRAVO. What a significant management you have built in service of Knowledge. Congratulation.
05 27/01/2018   Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Siddique
Rotary Governor
Rotary International, 3280 Bangladesh
I am proud to be associated with this University through Rotaract club of Daffodil International University spawned by my home club Rotary club of Dhaka Midtown. All The teachers  of this University are all very well disciplined & brilliant in their performance.
I am sure this University is going to be a very renowned university in the country as also internationally. Chairman & board of the University As also the hundred faculty under the leadership of VC. Wish them all the success.
06 11/01/2018 Mr. Kakha Shengelia
This is a wonderful show, great people at huge hope for Bangladesh.
Thank you very much.
07 23/03/2017   Prof. Dr. Satyendra
KIIT University
Glad to be a part of this international summit on employability & soft skills here in DIU, a growing University. Good to see the growth since my last visit.
08 23/03/2017 Mr. Ranjit Singh Malhi
TQM Consultants
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A renowned and self-developed University with excellent infrastructure. 
09 27/02/2017   Mr. Latifur Rahman I found the event very immersive and interactive. The students and faculty were very impressive. The program was very  touching and emotional for me as Daffodil honored me with tribute to my late grandson FARAAZ. I hope my exchange were of some value to those who spared there time to the present .
finally my grateful thanks to the VC, faculty and ofcourse the Chairman.
10 22/02/2017 Dr. G. Viswanathan
Ex- M.P
VIT University, India
I am happy to participate in the 6th Convocation of Daffodil International University and address the graduates today. DIU is a growing University in Bangladesh under the leadership of Mr. Sabur Khan and eminent professors. This University has a bright future and I wish the University all the best.
11 15/02/2017   Mr. Bevoit-P Larance
It was an honor to participate in an event which is organised by the power of innovation, well-planning and teamwork. Stay connected with the bilateral relationship of Canada and Bangladesh.
12 28/01/2017 Marcia Bernicat
US Embassy
Thank you so much for including me in today’s celebration ! I deeply admire Daffodil International university mission and the impact it is having a Bangladesh and well beyond. Wish you every success in your future endeavors and look forward to future collaborations between DIU and the United States !
13 01/12/2016 Mr. Matiur Rahman
Prothom Alo
Very impressed ! Hope it will go further.
All the greetings.
14 05/06/2016 Dr. Ahana Chakrabarty
R=115, Lake Terrace
Kolkata, India
Congratulations to all members who made the 1st international Seminar on BIMSTEC.
Thanks to the Chairman Mr. Sabur Khan. This conference reflects his hospitality.
Day comment would be meaningless if I do not mention the 2447 man of the conference Mr. Mohammad Mahboob Ali and his team. This is the beginning of your walk. Please let us know the outcome of the conference. We are all with you. Call us whenever you need our reference to any work which will enable to find result from this conference
15 05/06/2016 Cdr Prof. Bhushan Dewan
43 Malhar Tower
Filmcity Road
Goregaon (East)
Unique diversified working with vast range of activities including IT-enabled education, management, entrepreneurship, international partnerships, accreditation.
I see DIU as a pioneer leader in the University space in BIMSTEC region.
I was honored to attend 2 international  events - workshop + seminar at DIU on 3/4  June and 5 June 2016.
Great to be associated with DIU & DIU’s dynamic & visionary Chairman and VC, Dean, faculty & students of DIU. 
16 05/06/2016 Nawang Yangden
Royal Thimphu College
Thank you professor Ali for the opportunity to attend your conference in Daffodil International University. It was very well planned & it was great to see such a diverse panel/members from various countries.
Tashi Delek and Thank you once again !
17 05/06/2016 Dr. Yashoda Durge
Associate Professor
GNVS Institute of Management Mumbai, India
Dr. Mahboob Ali Thanks ever so much.
Wonderful Program !
খোদা হাফেজ
Thanks and regards
18 05/06/2016 Prof. Bholanath Dutta
Founder and President
MTC Global
Wonderful hospitality and great human conduct. Extremely happy and delighted. Special compliments to Dr. Mahaboob Sir and honorable Chairman for all the help extended and ensure great stay. Looking forward for move interactions. 
19 04/06/2016 Dileepa M Endagamage
Dept. of Decision Sciences
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Sri Lanka
A great pleasure to meet the academics & students of DIU. Happy to be in a successful workshop aiming to develop the quality of higher education in Business schools. Thank you for giving opportunity for your students to participate actively in this workshop . Because they are one of the main parties responsible for the quality of their education. Nice to meet academics of DIU who are very keen about the standards of their  study programmes & the current issues & developments of the other countries around them. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to Visit Bangladesh & at the start of the Airport my journey and facilitates are at excellent level. Wish you all the best and hope to meet you soon again.
20 04/06/2016 Dr. R. Ramachandran, Ph. D
Assistant Professor
Commerce wing, DDE
Annamalai Nagar - 608002
Tamil Nadu, India

My heartiest congratulations to all. My best wishes to make progress for good health, cheers, prosperous, elevolian with enrichment through systematic with scientific learning. I seen this in DIU , Dhaka.
Students are very good and it signifies that the outcomes of teachers and the management. My Express sincere gratitude to all. wishes….
21 04/06/2016 Dr. Amit Mittal
Dean (DRC)
Chitkara University
Exhilaration experience !
22 04/06/2016 Dr. Sudhir Sharma
Chitkara Business School
Chitkara University Chandigarh

Excellent initiative of bringing quality to Business management education. Excellent  Organizations and student team specially.
We wish good luck to University and Faculty all the very best for their best and next events.
Good luck !
23 04/06/2016 Prof. James Gomez (Singapore)
Associate Dean (International Affairs)
Bangkok University
Asia Centre
Thank for the excellent hospitality !!!
The program was rich and resourced. The schedule also  provided an opportunity for networking and for future collaboration. Looking forward to coming back and working together. 
Best wishes.
24 02/06/2016 Dr. Marie-Aimee Tourres
Development Economist
First time in Bangladesh in Dhaka in DIU. It’s a great experience with friends and so helpful hosts. I enjoyed very much my 2 classes. Thank you for the opportunity.
Keep being dynamic and forward University. Education is the best gift we can give to the next generations.
IQAC is very important department in this journey. Prof. Mahbub has done a great work so far. Keep it up and Daffodil can go a long way !
25 24/05/2016   Halijah Omar A very inspiring session. Really appreciate such a warm hospitality. I’d love to come back here !
Dr. Lubna Alam
Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI)
Universiti Kebangsaan
Malaysia, Selangor, 43600
We are very happy for the collaboration.
26 30/03/2016   Auib Iwan Wiranatu-Atamaqa Thank you very much for inviting me to this program in this wonderful institution, Daffodil International University. The lecture of Sufi Mizan is inspiring as always. I hope you will  continue with this good path to educate young people to contribute in putting Bangladesh to the next level.
27   Mr. Mohamed Mizanur Rahman
PHP Family
We are Overwhelmed with the  generosity hospitality and honor Daffodil International University has shown to us. We have no language how to express our proper gratitude to the authorities. Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Founder Chairman of the University and V.C Pro V.C and all the teachers and Staffs. Specials Mr. M.A. Taher and Mr. Maruf Reza.
Daffodil International University is determined to spread the light of knowledge and wisdom in various fields to make our young generation worthy sons and daughters in our Bangladesh.
Wr pray to Almighty peace Allah to bestow upon them all his divine blessing - Peace, happiness and prosperity Ameen.
28 13/01/2016 Mr. Shishilil Azam Bin Shuib
Regional Director (Middle East & Central South Asia)
Education Malaysia
Ministry of Education Malaysia
Congratulations and well done in growing the young generations with the best of education and skills to be the ‘Nation's Pride’.
29 13/01/2016   Prof. Adjunct Marniaty M.kes Congratulation for all the incredible success.
And Thanks for your service excellence.
Daffodil International University would be the best University in the world.
30 27/04/2016 Dr. Dan Kulmala
Professor of Global English
Executive Dean of Academic Affairs
Fort Hays State University
I am eagerly looking forward to our world ready plans.
Thank you for your glorious hospitality. Peace and Prosperity.
31 13/01/2016 Professor Emeritus Dr. Kamarudin Hussin
Vice Chancellor
Universiti Malaysia Perlis
Congratulations for your 5th convocation Daffodil International University. I am very impressed with your ceremony, hospitality and the events from yesterday until today.
Daffodil University can become the best university in the world because your founder Chairman Mr. Sabur and management very strong  and have far vision to become the excellence University for future.
Congratulations Again. Allah bless all of you.
32 13/01/2016 Mr. Syed Faizuddin Putra
Mr. Raja Muda of Perlis
Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Perlis - Unimap
Dearest Mr Md Sabur and everyone of DIU
Congratulations on the success of the 5th convocation ceremony.
I am overwhelmed with the most wonderful hospitality from yourself and your team of DIU
Keep up the good work and may Allah sent bless you all with great success in the future.
Take care and looking forward one day to come back here when this beautiful main campus completes.
33 08/12/2015   Santiago Gutierrez I am impressed by the magnitude  and breath  of your influence in the education of Bangladesh youths. This is greatest Bangladesh asset and your contribution to help them to achieve excellence will improve lives of all citizens in Bangladesh.
34 28/11/2015 Prof. A. Mannan
It was a wonderful experience visiting the DIU campus. Seeing the campus and the activities I see a big potential. Hope the DIU authorities will be able to explore the potential. Wish the DIU all the success.
35 09/10/2015 Andren Geddes
Founding Director
Eurasia Institution for International Education, Berlin, Germany
Thank you for the warm welcome in Dhaka at DIU. It has been a pleasure to get to know the 3 Campuses of DIU as well as several hundred of your students and many members of the renowned faculty. On the occasion of the MoU signing ceremony, I am convinced that our cooperator focusing on the GRC (German Resource Centre) will bring long term benefits to the students of SIU as well as to both of our generations.
36 04/10/2015 Sophie Aubert French Ambassador to Bangladesh I hope that my visit will open the door to a large cooperation with daffodil in particular and with Bangladesh in general, os order to contribute to the development of an new world sharing knowledge, spirit, art and science for the sake of the next generations.
37 10/08/2015   Rafael Ramirez Carmona
EU- Delegation in Bangladesh
Thank you so much to Vice- Chancellor and Dr. Akhter for inviting us to visit this magnificent university. 
38 10/08/2015   Jurgen Heimann
Ministry Counselor
EU- Delegation in Dhaka
I am very impressed by the warm and friendly reception at the Daffodil International University. I understood that the University is growing and developing well it’s capacities. I am sure that on fruitful cooperation within the Erasmus+Programme can be continued and further deepened.
39 16/02/2015 Dr. Lubna Alam
Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI)
Universiti Kebangsaan
Malaysia, Selangor, 43600
It was a very fruitful meeting and the officers are very cooperative.
40 08/02/2015 Roger Latchman
South Africa
DIU has great potential to be the leading University in the world. With visionary leadership Sabur Khan and the great people around him, this will not be an impossible task.
Keep up the good work.
41 11/12/2014   Jur. Vladimir Gryarnof
Head of Department of Marketing IIE
I so thankful for this meeting . It was really interesting and fruitful discussion.
Let’s meet again in Russia , at IIE, UrFU !
You are welcome !
42 11/12/2014   Dr. Anna Kurumchina
Head of International Education Department, IIE, UrFU
Mirast, 19, Yekaterinburg
We were so pleased to meet your University ! Thank you for inviting us. I hope our collaboration will be fruitful.
43 29/11/2014   Abdul Rahman M. Hussein Thank you very much for the warm reception we have received.
Dahim Hassan Young and wonderful university. The sky's the limit. Keep and continue.
44 01/11/2014 Douglas Viehland
11950 W 119th Street
Overland Park
As executive Director/CEO of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs I was proud to be on campus to welcome DIU into ACBSS membership. Thank you for the hospitality and the opportunity to meet so many fine persons working to  create student leaders in business.
45 24/09/2014   Alex Green
University of West England
Thank you for your hospitality and looking forward to collaborating truth in the future. Best wishes
46 13/09/2014 Norlin Othman Thank you for giving me this opportunity to get to know the varied programs offered by daffodil University. I am most honored and happy to role the ongoing cooperation and collaboration between daffodil and many other Universities.
I wish all of you great success in all you  endeavour.
47 03/09/2014   Peter Sundin
International Science Programme
Urrsala University
Thank you for a most interesting visit, looking forward to continued collaboration !
48 25/06/14 Prof. Dr. Yusnidah Ibrahim Profesor Gred Khas C (VK7) UUM College of Business Universiti Utara Malaysia It’s good to know such a good organised, equipped with good friendly private university in Bangladesh. Hope to the collabrity with DIU in the near future.
  49 15/06/2014   Shin Sakaguchi Thank you.
  Atsunon Higashikawa See you soon.
  Shimichiko Nishilawa Thank You for your time. See you soon in Japan !
  Hitononi Watanabe What a good University ! Thank you !
  Hiroyuki Sagi I love you !! See you next !!
Toshiaki Kohno For friendship and Strong relationship between Bangladesh and Japan !
50 07/06/2014 Joanna Klimczak
My experience at DIU was incredibly special. The committed faculty, administration, and students along with internationally dynamic  environment make DIU an exemplary place to learn and build a future. I look forward to Myuzian’s and McGill Universities  collaboration with DIU
51     Osamu Yonetani I hope to work with your University students in the future. Thank You.
Shigeru Shiozama Thank you for for today. Please keep in touch!
Yoshto Shibata Thank you for today, I promise return here, with my company friend !
Akihiro Fukuda Thank you for today. IT Service and your organization will grow up !!
52 26/05/2014 Mr. J. Dutta
A very warm welcome! An overall better interaction. Looking forward to more tie ups and interactions in the days to care.
53 17/04/2014 ইলিয়াস কাঞ্চন
৭০ কাকরাইল
২১ বছর ধরে সড়ক দুর্ঘটনা নিয়ে কাজ করছি কিন্তু দুঃখের বিষয় আজ আমাকে ড্যাফোডিল ইউনিভার্সিটিতে আসতে হলো একটি মেধবী ছাত্রের সড়ক দুর্ঘটনায় অকাল মৃত্যুতে মানববন্ধন করার জন্য। আমরা কি সকলে মিলে পারিনা সড়কের মড়ক হতে আমাদের প্রাণপ্রিয় মানুষ গুলিকে  রক্ষা করতে? আসুন সবাই নিয়ম মেনে চলি, সড়ক দুর্ঘটনা মুক্ত বাংলাদেশ গড়ি।
54     Takayoshi Suzuki I am deeply impressed by the serious look of the students during the lecture, and the politeness that everyone stands up when I was introduced at the class at DIU. Role of DIU is praiseworthy for promoting the study of power generation in the country for the future. Bangladeshi children with a lovely smile, as long as they are exposed to heart aching environment, I always face towards Bangladesh through Daffodil.
55   Professor Claire Bradin Siskin People are constantly coming up with new ideas, programs, and activities. There is a keen interest in what is happening beyond the borders of Bangladesh, for which DIU truly deserves the “International” in its name. The staff – in particular the IT staff – is willing to give assistance. DIU provides a supportive atmosphere for learning and teaching.
56   Dr. Wendy Garland Congratulations, Daffodil International University! I am impressed by the commitment to growth and development that the leadership has made as a priority. Each and every time I visit the university, the passion from the administration and faculty resonates and I come away with a renewed passion for higher education. DIU certainly stands out from other universities with your groundbreaking programs and up-to-date IT infrastructure. It is exciting to be able to work with such an innovative university. I wish DIU continued success and I look forward to seeing what the future holds!
57 15/02/2014 Dan Mozena To the student faculty and staff of Daffodil International University, this amazing place is a founding, a workshop where the entrepreneurship is being built. I wish Daffodil International University well as it will become the leader of today and tomorrow.
58 28/11/2013 Robert W Gibson
British High Commission
My congratulation to Daffodil International University for their vary achievement since it was established. The well prepared new campus, their interactive tech and many innovative program are really praisable. And we greatly assist their student in achieving their ambition. I am delighted that it will be a great opportunity to student to develop their professional qualities. Best of luck.
59 20/11/2013 Lee Yun-Young
Korean Ambassador
It was indeed pleased & honored to be invited as Guest of Honor at the Certificate-Awarding Ceremony. I’d take to compliment the untiring efforts by Daffodil International University to promote exchange program among universities, including Dong-su University in Korea in Asian region. I hope the efforts will bear fruitful outcomes in the future and the Daffodil International University take the lead is not only exchange program but also academic achievements.
60 03/11/2012 Joy Jyoti Nandi
Its is indeed a pleasure to be back at Daffodil and see fundamental growth and development. Link forward to developing long standing relationship.
61 03/11/2012 Mrs. Margaret Curran
Scottish Qualifications Authority
With sincere manics for the informative and interesting introductory discussion and I hope that DIU & SQA will have the opportunity to collaborate in me near future.
62 21/09/2012   Rachel Sunderland
Bonnie Harder
Bournemouth University
1-3 Oxford Road
Bournemouth Dorset, BH88ES, UK
Thank you for receiving us at Daffodil International University. We are very impressed by your achievements in such a short space of time We look forward to developing networks between our institutions.
63 22/03/2012   Jacky Charbonnier
ITC- Geneva- Switz
Very impressive vision of the university mandate and its key role to more ‘young’ Bangladesh out of poverty, language business for growth ! Daffodil has the brain power to deliver against its mandate and I hope that both The university & ITC can collaborate together for the good of the country ! Good luck and many thanks.
64 13/02/2012 ব্রাত্য বসু
পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকার
ড্যাফোডিল আন্তর্জাতিক বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের আমন্ত্রণে এসে খুবই আনন্দ পেলাম। আমন্ত্রকদের ও বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের মানুষজনের উষ্ণতা হৃদয়স্পর্শকারী। আশা রাখছি ভবিষ্যতে শিক্ষা ও শিক্ষাবিস্তারের চর্চায় দুই রাষ্ট্রের সেতুবন্ধনে এই বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় এক উল্লেখযোগ্য ভূমিকা পালন করবে। সংশ্লিষ্ট সবাইকে আমার অভিনন্দন জানাচ্ছি।
65 13/02/2012 Nilufar Chowdhury Moni
ড্যাফোডিল ইউনিভার্সিটিতে এসে আমার খুব ভাল লেগেছে। শিক্ষার পরিবেশ, ছাত্র-ছাত্রীর সংখ্যা আমাকে মুগ্ধ করেছে। এমন কি সাংস্কৃতিক অবস্থান। কামনা করছি আগামী দিনে এখনকার রেজাল্ট এবং পরবর্তীতে আজকের ছাত্র-ছাত্রীদের কর্মজীবন অনেক সমৃদ্ধ করবে তাদেরকে, তাদের  পরিবারকে, তাদের-আমাদের এই দেশকে এবং সবশেষে আন্তর্জাতিকভাবে। আমি এই বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে উত্তরোত্তর মঙ্গল কামনা করছি।
66 04/02/2012 BRIG. General M Mofizur Rahman, PSC, P Eng (rtd)
Lead Consultant R & G Group
House# 247, Road# 3,
Baridhara DOHS,
Wishing DIU decades of continual success and contribution in making leaders and effective managers of tomorrow under the able leadership of the chairman Mr. Md Sabur Khan. I was highly impressed to see the rate of success of DIU which started in April 2002 with only 67 students and now can boost of 8000 increasing students, each with laptop computers, own computers, two pioneer subjects like Real Estate and Multimedia & Creative art. The continuously contribution of Founder VC Prof Dr. Aminul Islam and 2nd VC Prof Dr. Md Lutfur Rahman and all the resource personnel and admin of finance stall’s contribution. Please drive on. There is no finish line in the race for excellence.
67 04/02/2012 M A Momen
FBCCI & Former President
An eventful & worthy anniversary.  Keep the spirit up ! All success to everyone involved. 
68 01/02/2012 Dr. A K Azad Chowdhury
Chairman (State Minister)
I am quite impressed by the site and the development activities of the DIU campus Ashulia. The students who currently studying Dhaka city DIU buildings are making a picnic here in Ashulia on the 10th anniversary of the DIU. I believe when the infrastructure are built the DIU Ashulia Campus it will be an ideal residential university. I wish all the success of DIU students in life.
69 04/01/2012 Mathana Santiwat Congratulations to Daffodil International University for her success and may I wish the administration to gain more prosperity in the future. Hope to see your institution is name on top of the lists of world class university.
70 01/12/2011   Looi
Asocio Chairman
Very Impressive setup all the best.
71 28/05/2008   Khalifa A Ackhacifa I am very happy to visit Daffodil International University and I hope to see this university ideas sharing and I hope to visit again.
72 18/08/2007   Prof. Ralph Thomas
‘Thomas Chamber’
1-3, Oakfield Road North
London N20 qhe
I was very pleased to meet all the VIP staff of DIU including the chairman. I was happy to see that they openly & willingly want to work with us. I will personally give my full support & promote DIU Internationally. 
73 01/02/2006   Ehsan Khaleel
Sr. Network Engineer
Pulte Homes
San Diego
It has been a wonderful experience working with Daffodil International University for last three years to set up this exchange program. I wish best of luck to this program for the future years.
74 01/02/2006   Joyce White
Gerald White
Representing Mayville State University
Mayville, North Dakota.
It is our great pleasure to visit Daffodil International University as we launch a global education partnership between our two countries. I bring you greeting and best wishes for your continued growth and expansion. We share a commitment to superior education for students in both our countries as we work together to share resources and expertise. Your students will bring us much desired diversity of culture, experience, and outlook, and we hope that many of our students and faculty will eventually take the opportunity to enroll in your fine institution. Salam !
75 28/06/2005 Feroz Mahmud
Country Manager
Microsoft Bangladesh
I feel honored to be here to sign a MOU with Daffodil International University on .NET. I wish all the best.
76 22/06/2004   Prof. Dr. M Asaduzzaman
University Grant Commission of Bangladesh
Agargaon, Dhaka.
I am highly impressed by the academic activities of the Daffodil International University. I wish the university, its board of governors, vice chancellor, pro-vice-chancellor, teachers and students all the best. In-sha-allah we hope, it will be centre of excellence in future.
77 18/02/2004 Prof. Monirul Hoque
The development of Daffodil International University is still in its infancy stage with the able and dynamic leadership of Prof. Aminul Islam, Vice-Chancellor of the university. The university is expected to be a fully grown body capable of giving higher education to our students. I wish all the success to the university- teachers, students and the sponsors.
78 24/01/2004 K M Mohsin
University Grants Commission Bangladesh
I am very glad to visit this university. I am confident that this university will grow as a  center of excellence in the country as desired by its responses and teachers.
79 26/10/2003 Dr. S M A Faiz
Dhaka University
I wish that the Daffodil International University stays in stately state with coalescence of eminence glistening with fame.
Thanks and good wishes once again.
80     Prof. John Lee
ITTT 191 Cleveland St Survey Mills NSW 2010
Quite impressive and wish you all the best.
81 22/05/2003 Mr. Syed Margub Murshed,
Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC)
It was a privilege to be present at the launching ceremony of the degree level course on the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at the DIU. The management of DIU deserves praise for the innovative initiative they have taken, an initiative that will help to start an ICT revolution in Bangladesh.
82 19/05/2003 Professor M. Asaduzzaman
University Grants Commission of Bangladesh
Dhaka - 1217.
I am highly impressed by the academic activities of the Daffodil International University. I wish it all the best.
83 19/05/2003   শাহজাহান সিরাজ আমি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের সার্বিক উন্নতি কামনা করি। এই বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ছাত্র-ছাত্রীগণ আগামীতে দেশের বিভিন্ন ক্ষেত্রে উন্নয়নের স্বাক্ষর রাখবে। দেশের পরিবেশ রক্ষার আন্দোলনে এই বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের শিক্ষক, ছাত্র-ছাত্রীগণ বিশেষ অবদান রাখবে বলে আমি আশা করি।