Business Studies

Mission and Objectives


The mission of the Department of Business Studies is to develop quality graduates who will contribute in the field of e-business sectors through their skills, dedication and hard work.


The vision of the Department of Business Studies (DBS) is to create high quality human resources in the field of e-business who lend their expertise in the local & global arena and serve the society as business leaders by setting high professional and ethical standards.


# Provide students with the ability to have wide knowledge in the basic concepts of business and employ that in the real life.
# Contribution in developing the Business and Electronic Commerce uses, reflecting the harmony with the contemporary environment.
# Provide the job market with qualified cadres have an integrated structure of skills and knowledge which qualifies them to be at the forefront of competitors.
# Enable students to develop alternatives and discriminate between them as well as choose the best alternative using the Electronic Business forms.
# Keeping pace with the contemporary technology in developing the students’ analytical abilities and skills.