Business Studies

Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies in E-Business Management


The basic credit requirements for a student pursuing a BBS (Hon’s) in E-Business Management degree are given in the following:

  Categories of Courses No. of Courses Credits
1. Core Courses 18 72
2. GED Courses 09 36
3. Concentration(Major) Courses 05 20
4. Elective Courses 02 08
5     06
  Total 34 142

A student pursuing a BBS degree may be required to take 03 (Three) non-credit courses such as Fundamentals of Mathematics, Fundamentals of English and one foreign language other than Bangla and English. Whether a student has to take the first two courses depends upon his/her previous academic records and score on the admission test conducted by the university. 

Course Code Course Title Credit 
1st Year 1st Semester
BUS-101 Business Fundamentals and Ethics 04
MIS-101 ICT in Business with Lab 04
ENG-101 Communicative English 04
ACT-101 Principles of Accounting 04
MAT-101 Business Mathematics 04
1st Year 2nd Semester
FIN-101 Principles of Finance 04
MGT-202 Management Principles and Organizational Behavior 04
MKT-101 Principles of Marketing 04
STA-102 Business Statistics 04
FIN-202 Financial Management 04
2nd Year 1st Semester
ECO-201 Economics 04
AOL-301 Art of Living 04
MKT-202 Marketing Management 04
EBUS 421 E-Business Fundamentals 04
ACT- 303 Cost & Management Accounting 04
2nd Year 2nd Semester
BAN-201 Bangladesh Studies: Socio-Economic Perspective 04
BUS-203 Legal Environment of Business 04
BUS-304 Entrepreneurship Development 04
MGT-303 Operations & Supply Chain Management 04
BUS-103 Business Communications 04
3rd Year 1st Semester
MGT-306 Human Resource Management 04
MGT-305 Strategic Management 04
EBUS 222 E-Business Data Analysis 04
EMP-301 Employability 360° 04
BUS-305 International Business 04
3rd Year 2nd Semester
BUS-306 Business Research Methodology 04
MIS-202 Management Information Systems with Lab 04
EBUS 312 Strategy and Technology Innovation 04
XXX Elective-I 04
XXX Elective-II 04
4rt Year 1st Semester
EBUS 432 Digital Marketing 04
EBUS 323 E-Business Project Management 04
EBUS 412 E-Business Security, Legal Issues, and Ethics 04
EBUS 411 E-Business Web Applications 04
XXX Project Part-I 02
4rt Year 2nd Semester
XXX Project Part-II 04


Students have to take at least two (2) subjects from the following elective courses:

Course Code Course Title Credit 
 I NS-101 Principles of Insurance & Banking 04
  ACT-203 Financial Accounting 04
  GED -111 History of the Emergence of Bangladesh and Bangla Language and Culture 04
   EBUS-311 Systems Analysis and Design 04
   EBUS 433 Mobile Computing and Commerce 04