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Akij Group (Trust) Scholarship:

Akij Group (Trust) Scholarship has already been on its way to facilitate higher education with less tension of financial distress during study for two students of the Department of Pharmacy of Daffodil International University.

The value of each scholarship/stipend: Taka 2,000/- per month.

Effective from: November-2010 

Students who are under this scholarship:






Md. Mahfuz Alam Siddiqe




Md. Abul Hassan



Akij Group- At a glance:

The emergence of Akij group is fabulous. History of Akij Group stretches back to later part of the forties. It can be a great example of how perseverance, determination & hard work aid an ordinary common person to be uplifted as an extra-ordinary entrepreneur.

In its early years, the Group started in modest way with jute trading, earning highest amount of foreign exchange. In the second phase, the Group went into manufacturing handmade cigarettes popularly known as bidis. This sector gave a real boost to the revenue earning of the Group as well as making a substantial contribution to government exchequer. With the passage of time, the Group undertook new ventures and presently there are 15 wings of industries under its shade- Akij Cement Comapny Ltd.; Akij Computer Ltd.; Akij Corporation Ltd.; Akij Food & Beverage Ltd.; Akij Institute of Technology.; Akij Match Factory Ltd.; Akij Online Ltd.; Akij Particle & Hard Board Mills Ltd.; Akij Pharmaceuticals Ltd.; Akij Printing & packaging Ltd.; Akij Real Estate Ltd.; Akij Textile Mills Ltd.; Akij Zarda Factory Ltd.; Ad-din Hospital(Philanthropic).; Dhaka Tobacco Industries(Cigarettes).; Dhaka Tobacco Industries(Leaf).; Navaron Printing and Packages Ltd.; S.A.F Industries Ltd. & Akij Gas Company Ltd. Akij Group is also involved in socio-cultural activities.

This high-flying group is contributing to the nation's economic growth and ceaselessly creating job opportunities to various professionals. The Group has been operating a sizeable orphanage free of charge in district town. It has also acquired a modern mother & children hospital previously owned by Save the Children (UK). The hospital is being operated as a non-profitable concern by Ad-Din Welfare Trust.


Shenyang Aerospace University Scholarship, China:

Two brilliant pass out graduates named Ms. Sonia Biswas, ID: 061-11-1045 & Mr. Rony Bhowmik, ID: 072-11-2024 respectively from the Department of BBA of DIU have been selected to study in an MS Program in International Business at Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU), China. They flew from Dhaka for China on 18th May 2011 for their higher study. Earlier, they were selected basing on merit from the applicants’ forms fulfilling all criteria submitted to the authority followed by a notice to all pass out students of DIU.

Sonia & Rony will carry out a two years Master degree under a scholarship program. Earlier, in the spirit of mutual cooperation, Shenyang Aerospace University and Daffodil International University entered this Agreement for the purpose of enhancing the educational and research opportunities and experiences of their students and faculty.

Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU), located in Shenyang city and founded in 1952, is the only aeronautical university in the northeast of China. Shenyang is the aviation city of China, it has ten companies for aeronautical and astronautical manufacturing, four aeronautical research institutes. We are not only manufacturing aircrafts for domestic use, but also producing parts for Boeing and Airbus companies. SAU has 20,000 students on campus, including 160 international students.

The university has established cooperative agreements with more than 40 universities and companies in 20 countries including the USA, Russia, Korea, Japan, Belgium and Singapore. It has an active exchange program for both teachers and students. The university employs a number of foreign teachers who contribute to both the academic and cultural life of the school community. More than 160 students from over 20 countries including France, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Korea study here. These students, with their diverse cultural backgrounds, contribute to the broad international focus of the university.

DIU hopes to send more students on a regular basis in some other International institutions including Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU) under scholarship programs from now onward. This initiative will announce international standard of DIU to a great extent.


Professor Dr. Aminul Islam Memorial Scholarship:

Showing respect and in memory of Professor Dr. Aminul Islam, Emeritus Professor and Founder Vice Chancellor of Daffodil International University who passed away, the management of Daffodil International University (DIU) is going to provide financial help to senior students of undergraduate programs who are economically not sound but meritorious. 

 This financial help will be given on following terms and conditions:

  • Senior students of undergraduate programs who have completed at least 50% of their credits and having both CGPA and SGPA at least 3.00
  • Students, who became financially insolvent and the source of income has become uncertain due to the death of parents/ the person who is carrying out the educational expenses during the study period at DIU


  • Students, who became financially insolvent and source of income has become uncertain due to the severe illness of parents/ the person who is carrying out the educational expenses.

Eligible students are advised to apply in the prescribed Form maintaining the mentioned rules from the following contact points.

Forms will be available as stated below:

Students of Daffodil International University will collect and submit the Form to below respective persons.
Mr. Md. Mahadi Hasan
Sr. Administrative Officer
Cell No: 01712994309
Mr. Md. Khairul Sagir
Senior Coordination Officer
Cell: +8801847140053   Ext: 116
Daffodil Tower-06 (Uttara Campus)
Coordination Officer of respective department

Students may also collect and submit the Form to Ms. Umme Salma Panna, Administrative Officer, Office of the Registrar, Daffodil International University, Ashulia, Dhaka. Tel: 48113690, 48113691, 48120691, 48119585