Our Visitors

To enrich myself in the light of knowledge I was admitted in the Department Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) of Daffodil International University 17 years before. Time and river stream never stop for anyone. There was no exception in my case. My study has been ended with the course of time. After the completions of student life, now I am working at The Premier Bank. But the heart is stuck in my university premises. Number of memories as the first batch student is infinite. The extent of the campus was not that much, but the teachers' knowledge and generosity had enlightened us. Today, when I see huge permanent campus, get the news of national and international achievement of our University I feel very proud. Starting with us, the university has been so huge today, making great contributions to the success of the national and international stages. I know many others who are studying from here are supposed to have the same feelings.

I want to share some of my views to the present students that please gathered more practical knowledge with your bookish knowledge. Don’t miss your regular classes because this will help 50 percent of your reading/studies. From my job experience, I want to suggest you all for preparing yourself in any specific subject with good command but you have to get also other subjects knowledge. If you can prove/influence your Employer that I`m in very good in this subject (like: Finance, Accounting, HRM, Marketing) and this will benefit your organization. Please engage yourself in different types of educational activities which will increase your leadership skill as well as practical knowledge. Nobody will push you up the ladder unless you are willing to climb yourself. Please don’t waste your precious time. 

 Affection towards the university during student life has not been diminished at the course of time but the bonding of the soul has strengthened over time. And that's why I’m still connected with the university.

Mr. Muhammad Tarikul Islam