Admission Guidelines


Bangladesh is very rich in its culture and heritage; it has beautiful landscape with immensely exquisite natural beauty, fresh air, sea beach, hill tracks and lots more to explore. DIU is located in the Heart of the Dhaka City (Capital of Bangladesh). Daffodil International University provides an excellent environment for academic research study as well as mental recreation. DIU always welcomes students from all around the globe.

International students meeting equivalent admission qualification are eligible for admission as regular students or as special students for a part of the duration and may acquire transfer credits. Admission is also open to any person who wishes to pursue courses or a course as a non-degree student to improve knowledge or acquire new skills. Students are also admitted for specific certificate or diploma courses (
For admission International students/ applicants are advised to read the following carefully:

 Semester System:

There are following three semesters in each academic year. Duration of each semester is 4 months.

  1. i)– January to April
  2. ii)Summer – May to August
  3. iii)– September to December

Application Process:

  1. First of all student have to go through the Courses that DIU offers according to the tuition fees of the respective course then choose one among them for study.
  2. Have to submit all required papers as stated below (b).
  3. If a student is eligible for admission after evaluated by the concern Committee as per the University Admission Rules, Admission Letter will be issued stating his/her name and Passport Number (if required by the embassy other information may be also provided).
  4. Student after arrival should immediately report to the university admission section and complete all the required official formalities of enrollment. All payment will be made in Cash (in BDT*).

* BDT – Bangladeshi Taka

  1. Admission Form:International Students may download/ collect the soft copy of admission form available on admission page (admission form). In such case $10 will be charged in addition to the admission fees while enrollment.
  2. Required Papers: Student will have to submit/ send his/her previous Certificates, Transcripts, a copy of valid Passport (page contained applicants details) and Equivalent Certificates (that certify his/ her degree is accepted globally) by post or e-mail.
  3. Solvency Certificate: International Students are required to submit a bank solvency certificate to identify his/ her capability to complete the degree from Daffodil International University, Bangladesh.
  4. Health Fitness: A student must submit a recent health fitness Report to ensure his/her physical fitness.
  5. Closing Date of Admission: Application closing date is available at DIU website. International Students are requested to contact at least 2 months prior of closing date of a semester due to long process.
  6. Hostel Facilities: At present hostel/accommodation facilities for female students are available at Daffodil International University. The monthly cost would be around $70.

Though hostel/accommodation facilities for male students are not available yet, but residence facilities are available on rental basis. Students will have to stay in the flat/accommodation provided by the university officials. The cost would vary from US$70 to US$120 per month depending on the location, number of students stay in a room and quality of the flat.

Special Notes:

  1. International Students are advised to communicate with the Head of Students affairs/Proctor and their respective Embassy/High Commission in any case of emergency.
  2. University will not be responsible for arranging Visas for any Foreign Students, but will provide information to the embassy (if required).
  3. Please be informed that the inclusion of any false information or submission of fake academic documents would constitute grounds for dismissal from the university.